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Environmentally Friendly Pest Control – What does it mean to be Environmentally Friendly? What is Green Pest Control? Is Pest Control Safe? These are all too common questions and none with a simple answer. So how do pest control companies answer these?

This is an interesting area of our industry.  In some states the use of the phrase “environmentally friendly” is illegal. Even if you only use your boots to smash the roaches.  In these states, the laws are enforced only partially.  In other words, if someone or some inspector at the state wants to harass you, they’ll enforce the law just for you and not against the competitors.  Generally the law is not enforced.

The real question in answering “Is pest control safe?” is exploring the potential risks of any given product, natural or man-made. For example: the EPA measures toxicity of every substance in the United States, including plain dirt. Substances with higher toxicity rates are labeled “danger” (gasoline, and paint for example). The next level down “warning” (toothpaste, household cleaners). The next level down “caution #3” (salt, botanical insecticides like cayenne pepper) the next level down “caution #4” (every other substance known to man not included in the first three categories). This has nothing to do with whether the substance is natural or organic.  Many natural substances are very toxic, cyanide for example or a popular one in Pest Control is “diatomaceous earth”, crushed silica\glass, this scratches the waxy cuticle of the insects exoskeleton and causes the insect to dehydrate, it is natural but also known to be very toxic to humans because the crushed glass is not metabolizable by our bodies and causes cancerous damage to our lungs. Even though diatomaceous earth is natural, it is very dangerous and Bulwark will never use it.  Many consumers do not know this.

Toxicity Ratings are based on whether or not your body can break down and metabolize the measured substance without damage to the host.  Often times products like salt are perfectly fine at a certain concentration but are lethal at higher levels of acute doses. Comparison wise, table salt is more toxic to humans than boric acid, but its highly unlikely that you will ever die or be injured from over exposure or over consumption of table salt.

Most Pest Control companies use insecticides in “warning” and “caution three” categories.  Bulwark never uses warning grade chemicals.  Our products fall within the “caution three” category.  Upon request consumers can receive “eco-smart” technologies for interior treatment.  The active ingredients in these products are various types of plant oils.  The products themselves are food grade quality meaning that they legally could be put in food in the United States.  Eco-smart technologies are only applied inside the home, and only on request because they have an odor to them which consumers generally do not like.  If the consumer does not request “eco-smart technologies” then we apply natural boric acid and other products which are made in a factory synthetically but are derived from a compound found in chrysanthemum flowers.  All these products are considered less toxic to humans than toothpaste.

Finally, the bulwark pest defense system, focuses on exterior treatments were the insects breed so that interior treatments are unnecessary.  It’s always going to be better to treat the source of where the pests are breeding in the yard with higher quality products to maintain a barrier or “bulwark” around the home.  This is a much cleaner method because interior treatments are rarely needed and only done on request.  Most companies use lower grade products on the exterior which break down rapidly and allow pests back into the home before the next service call.  That’s why many companies prefer to treat inside and outside every time.  They have to chase the pests back out of the home because the barrier did not last on the outside. It’s so much cleaner just to keep a good wall up so little or no treatments are conducted on the interior.

Hope this helps.  Please feel free to add your comments.

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