Fall Wasp Wars

Nest of wasps in close up busy making nest

TweetTweet As the cool crisp fall weather sets in, a war of sorts is declared by homeowners; against yellowjackets, paper wasps, and hornets. These wasps have a tendency to turn aggressive during the fall, as their diets move from the proteins and carbohydrates they enjoy during the spring and summer, to sugar-rich foods like ripeRead More

Social Buzz-edia

TweetTweet Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Yelp… As pest management professionals it’s easy to get confused with all of these different social media avenues. To help you better understand all the different social media outlets a little better, here’s an infographic (with a pest control flare of course) from the professionals at Avalaunch Media andRead More

Best Of 2012: Year End Links Round-Up


TweetTweet Here a a few links to some of the best pest control articles and blogs we’ve come across this year. Enjoy! General Pest Control  Home Pest Control Slows The Need For Home Improvement http://www.propacificpestcontrol.com/2012/pest-control/home-pest-control-slows-the-need-for-home-improvement/ Pest Control Tips For The Whole Family http://www.abridgehome.com/2012/12/02/pest-control-tips-for-the-whole-family/ What is a pest inspection and why would I need one? http://dialonepestcontrol.com/what-is-a-pest-inspection-and-why-would-i-need-one/Read More