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Pest Control Add-On Services– Boost Your Bottom Line

Pest Control Spraying Plants

Overhead costs in the pest control industry continue to be on the rise, and it’s affecting our bottom line. The increasing prices of insecticides alone are digging into already low profit margins. Some pest control companies are looking to add-on services to help boost these margins and grow their businesses. Here are the most common add-on services used pest control companies today: Wildlife control and relocation Odor control Rodent proofing Mosquito control Mold remediation “Honey do” services Pool care Lawn care HVAC Gutter cleaning Junk removal services   Why Pest Control Companies Offer Add-On Services Profitable Services can be set up on routes One-stop shopping for customers Maximize average revenue… Read More

Wildlife Control vs Pest Control

Dallas Wildlife Control is a lucky benefactor of our post here today. Code: k9bugsit33Bulwart What is the difference between Animal Control and Pest Control? A wildlife control is very different from structural pest control. Different laws apply to dealing with wildlife. Different techniques apply. In many states a separate license is required. It is almost always prohibited to relocate nuisance animals and other wildlife without written permission from the state’s gaming department. Yet, somehow, animal control and pest control seem to be synonymous to the general public. Pigeon control, rat control, and wildlife control are very much different than general pest control. Trapping and removal are also different from exterminating… Read More