What’s a group of ants called?

What’s a group of ants called? An Ant Colony.

Does that question seem a little funny to you as a pest control operator?

Its important as a PCO to realize where many people are coming from. “What is a group of ants called” is searched on Google daily! Whenever addressing a customers concerns make sure that you are speaking to them in a way that they understand. Pest control jargon may be easy for you to understand but you will quickly disconnect with your customer if you don’t see it from their point of view.

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A group of ants is called a colony. Ant colonies are also referred to as ant nests and ant families. Because ants travel together in a line a group may also be called an ant army. But in general a group of ants is a colony as a group of birds is a flock, and a group of cows is a herd. So colony is the correct answer.

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