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Pest Control Legislative Day 2013 Highlights

Every year, pest control professionals ascend on our nation’s capital to raise awareness with their legislators about important issues impacting the pest control industry. National Pest Management Association (NMPA) Legislative Day 2013, in Washington DC, offered pest control professionals the opportunity to build stronger relationships with a new-look Congress. NMPA Legislative Day 2013 In Washington  March 17-19 2013 marked NMPA Legislative Day in Washington DC; and some 400 pest control professionals attended to make sure their voices were heard by Congress. Important business and tax issues were discussed, including issues surrounding the PESTT Act, paperless reporting, and the use of Sulfuryl Fluoride on food. Those who attended got to listen… Read More

Stink Bug Population Up 60% This Fall Season

A Stink Bug Invasion As sure as the leaves change a vibrant red, orange, and yellow each fall, stink bugs make their way inside homes to escape the cooling weather. According to Michael Ruapp, entomology professor at the University of Maryland, 60 percent more of these stinky invaders will be flooding our homes this fall. Brown marmorated stink bugs, characterized by the pungent smell they discharge when bothered or smashed, are mounting a fall invasion across much of the Atlantic United States. This summer’s record heat, which began earlier then usual and stretched through late September, aided in the stink bug’s strong resurgence. This extended summer heat allowed stink bugs… Read More

A $1 Million Commitment To Pest Control


A Commitment To Pest Control The University of Illinois in Champaign, along with its researches and scientists, are now supporting pest control efforts worldwide thanks to a very generous donation from a former alum. Roy Barker, a former graduate student at the University of Illinois, donated just over $1 million to establish an endowed faculty position that will research all things insects. The hope is that the university’s entomology department will now be able to recruit top researchers to better understand insects and how to best control them. The donor, Roy Barker, grew up on a Missouri farm and witnessed his family’s crops be destroyed by troublesome insects like crickets,… Read More

Kudzu Bugs Hurting American Soybean Farmers

If you live in the Southeast United States, you’ve likely become acquainted with the relatively new invading kudzu bug, which was brought here from Asia in 2009. Homeowners say they can’t seem to get rid of these bothersome insects, which can frequently be found on their homes and cars during the fall and spring months. You can sweep them off with brooms, you can suck them up with vacuums, but the very last thing you want to do is crush them because they’ll stain a surface and they have a pretty obnoxious odor. Homeowners in cities like Atlanta, Charlotte, and Raleigh, see swarms of these bugs in the spring and… Read More

Halloween, Celebrating the Good Bat.

The Bat is a Fellow Bug Exterminator As a general rule, bats are not very popular with people, regardless of any benefits the pest management experts say they provide. Too often, bats are perceived by the general public, as dangerous, ugly and frightening. But, what most people are not aware of, is that those “hideous” bats prevent billions of dollars in damage to the U.S. agriculture industry, by consuming common insect pests that frequently eat and destroy important crops. In fact, it has been estimated that bats provide the American agriculture industry with free pest control services, that are valued at (upwards of) fifty three billion dollars a year! …Gives… Read More