Killer Africanized Honeybee Migration Through the United States

It’s been very interesting watching the Africanized Honeybee spread across the US. Every summer you will find public warnings going out in Phoenixand Las Vegas about this aggressive and potentially deadly bee. The following infographic gives the details in beautiful color. Note at the bottom the distance that these bees will travel to attack. In fact, one of the signs used to determine if you have an Africanized Bee problem is to see how far they will chase you.

Africanized Honeybee Infographic

As noted these Africanized Honeybees are moving north. They began in the southern states. Are now common in Phoenix, Austin, San Antonio, and Las Vegas. They are spreading a little more rapidly through Southern California and states the climates with milder winters, but they are still moving north.

If you do experience a bee problem then contact local exterminators or a bee removal company. Bee removal is often more costly, but instead of killing of the bee population the bees will be safely removed and relocated. Bee Exterminators on the other hand may simply exterminate the bees and their colonies. Due to the way bee’s carry pollen on their bodies, dust pesticides are very effective and quickly eliminate bee problems.

Side view of the africanized honey bee

Side view of the africanized honey bee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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My trip to Raliegh NC – Bulwark Pest Control Guy

Just a couple of fun highlights from my trip to Raleigh, NC for the internet summit.

The 100 Mile Race

Flying out of Phoenix Sky Harbor, I spoke with a man that told me he had just run 100 miles. I thought he was being sarcastic. Nope. He was in a 100 mile race. He says that they call them UltraMarathons. He told me that he fly in just for the race and was leaving. He’s not a professional, and says that there are very few professionals in Ultramarathons. His run was 6 loops. You drop a bag with food and minimum supplies about the half way point. And he finished his 100 mile run in just over 26 hours. The winner finished in about 17.5 hours.

Never Been on the Internet

From Baltimore to Raleigh I sat next to a couple that were retired and living in Florida. They were upwards of 70 years old and had been retired for less than a year. I asked if they stayed in touch with their family in New York via Facebook. Nope. They have NEVER been on the internet. NEVER. They have never owned a home computer. What about text messaging? Nope. She told me that she just got,… “what is it called, you know a phone that you take out of your home.” … I took a guess, “A cell phone?”. She had her first cell phone in her hand about 5 months ago. Still no text messaging, but they got one just for safety reasons.

North Carolina BBQ

North Carolina has it’s own unique BBQ. They claim it to the “REAL BBQ”. Interestingly they even have two different types, an East and West NC BBQ. It’s vinegar based. The West BBQ adds a little molasses to the vinegar. Definitely different, and I kinda liked how the vinegar brought out the flavor of the meat a little more. Not bad at all. Sadly I couldn’t think of a single cuisine unique to Arizona, cactus fries maybe???

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Our Night With The Phoenix Suns @ #SunsTweetup

Bulwark’s marketing department spent last Friday night with the Phoenix Suns for their third annual #SunsTweetup event.  Early access to pre-game shootaround.  Club seating.  Tour of TV productions trucks parked right next to all the players’ vehicles.  Tweetup t-shirt.  And post-game chat session with the Suns’ Jared Dudley.  Here’s all the evidence.

We arrived 2 hours before tip-off to get an up-close look at both teams warming up.

After the team’s introduction we were ready for some basketball, in club seating no less!

During halftime we were treated to a little VIP access on the production side of things. Suns’ staff member, @SunsDigitalDiva took us down for a tour of the TV broadcast trucks. Audio, video, lighting, camera direction, statistics – it all happens here.

And of course we couldn’t pass on getting a few up-close shots of the player cars in the parking lot. Is that the coach’s car by its lonesome?!?

The Portland Trailblazers ended up winning that game. Oh well! After the game our Tweetup group got on a 1-on-1 session with Suns Forward Jared Dudley. Dudley is a consistent tweeter either talking about life in the NBA or where the best eateries are around town.

And thanks to our friend @SunsWebmaster, we were able to get our customized @JaredDudley619 t-shirt in his hands right before our very eyes. The tweet we put on his shirt reads: “I was having a good day but after I heard @jrich23 Spartans lost to Iowa my day got a whole lot better. Maybe next year.” (@Jrich23 is Dudley’s Suns teammate Jason Richardson, who played college ball for the Michigan State Spartans)

Phoenix Suns Forward Jared Dudley

All in all, it was a great night with great people.  Thanks to the Suns crew and Jared Dudley for all their hard work and effort.  Here’s one last picture from the Suns’ official Planet Orange page.  View the rest of the gallery as well.

Jared Dudley Holds Up His Custom T-Shirt SEO shirt

Phoenix Cockroach Control

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Cockroaches Found in Phoenix

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