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I’ve not seen a bug in my house for years…why am I starting to see them now?

Have you lived in a home where you thought you were bug free and then all of a sudden in the corner of your eye you see a bug scurrying across your kitchen counter? Surprise! Well you are not alone, we get customers calling in all the time saying, “I’ve lived in this house for years and have never seen a bug; all of a sudden I’m seeing them in my kitchen and bathrooms.” Why am I starting to see bugs now? If you think about it, we’ve built our homes on “their” land; therefore it’s a fact that they will always be in “their” neighborhood. So the pests have… Read More

Promoted Tweet on Pest Control Twitter Stream by WHO?

A Promoted Tweet on Pest Control term by an electrical company? “Technology has to be invented or adopted.”  – Jared Diamond Okay so this a cool quote and all, but why? Why would GE want to promote this tweet on the pest control stream? Where is the connection? Did someone just do some keyword research […]

Bat Removal – Bat Control Services

Bat Removal Bats may be a nuisance to people, both emotionally and physically, especially within a home. The bat will normally inhabit dark places in your home. They are most likely to be found in the attic, walls, basement, and the soffits. A bat will take up residence if any places on the exterior of the home will let them in and the environment suits their needs. If you have been having problems getting rid of these flying animals here are some suggestions to assist your bat removal endeavors. Bat Proofing Services There are many wildlife control companies that offer bat exclusion or proofing services to home owners. The companies… Read More