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New Research– Ants Have Sense of Smell Five Times Higher Than Most Insects

New Research on Ant Odor Receptors A new study published in the journal of PLoS Genetics, conducted at Vanderbilt University, reveals that ant’s odor receptors are four to five times higher then most insects. The research team, headed by Lawrence Zwiebel, just finished an initial full map of the olfactory system, which supplies ants with their sense of taste and smell. This initial map proves that theses hard-working ants have genes that make 400 distinct odorant receptors. Odorant receptors are unique proteins that distinguish different odors. Comparing the ant’s 400 odorant receptors to other insects, silk moths have 52 receptors, fruit flies have 61, mosquitoes have 158, and honeybees have… Read More

Ants Use The Internet?

Contrary to popular belief, Al Gore did not create the internet– Ants may have thousands of years ago. New research from Stanford University suggests that Harvester Ants use their own type of internet, or “anternet,” for decision making inside the nest. These ant colonies are able to determine how many foragers need to be sent out by using a protocol system that is similar to the one IT professionals use to find out how much bandwidth is accessible on the internet. Harvester Ant Evolution It has long been thought by scientists that there may be some connection between ant behavior and computer science. Biologist Deborah Gordon and computer scientist Balaji… Read More