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The internet is a sea of information.  Some salty, some entertaining, some exciting, and some information is just useless.  The world of pest control has been around for some time now.  There are industry giants that have been around for close to 100 years now. The pests may evolve , but not much really changes on a daily bases. So I sometimes wonder “how can anyone add new and valuable content to the topic of pest control?” Sure there is a new love song everyday of the week. Yes, Facebook is revolutionizing the social scene.  But PEST CONTROL???

But, as with love songs, it’s the passion that keeps the flame burning.  And while pest control isn’t most people’s topic of choice, there are those that carry the torch because they love what they do.  This past week a fellow exterminator reminded me why pest control is a good business to be in. Hearts Pest Control out of San Diego, really does have heart.

San Diego Pest Control Hearts
Hearts Pest Control, San Diego Pest Control Service that Cares.
Written by Gerry Weitz and reproduced with his permission.

Published in PMP magazine

Take Back My Paycheck

It is hard to part with money, yet I enjoy personally handing out paychecks.  At my office, the employees usually take a second look at the envelope before opening to see the paycheck.  Occasionally, they’ll look at the envelope and say, “Take this back, you didn’t write a fortune cookie.”

Whether or not the paycheck is particularly good, the staff enjoys seeing genuine notes addressed from me to them personally:

“Outstanding teamwork!  Good start to a great career at Hearts!”

“Love those extra efforts at client retention!  Thanks so much.”

“Mistakes get made.  Don’t let it get you down.  We’ll get there together.”

Something special is happening when employees care first about a small, heartfelt message before their paychecks.  It not only inspires them.  It inspires me.  I’m not a fool to think the employees would be here if they didn’t get a decent paycheck.  Nevertheless, people will exit companies that don’t inspire them.  Appreciation is a powerful word.  Combining that with inspiration for a better future is that much more empowering.

Great companies continue to inspire staff even as they grow.  Writing a personal note to one random employee each week might start a workplace legend.  There is something wrong when employees say, “It’s all about the numbers.”  If that sounds like your company, beware!  One way to prove you are listening to staff is by responding with communications that show you care about their personal and family welfare and their careers at your company.

Communicate those little things that make your employees want to feel as happy to come back on Monday morning, as they do walking out on Friday with paycheck in hand.


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Need San Diego Pest Control? Call Gerry at Hearts Pest Control. He will work on luxury homes to downtown San Diego condos. What ever your pest control needs are in San Diego, call on Hearts.

Putting the Service back into Pest Control

I really enjoyed Gerry’s article and from what I have learned about Gerry I can tell that he runs a good operation. Service companies should understand service from the top down. Service should be a genuine action of your personal choice with the intent to help another. To be genuine, the giver will have no motives to question. An act of service is also not given out of obligation. It is about caring. While I am not an employee of Hearts, I believe Gerry cares for his employees.

-Thomas Ballantyne
“Yes, I am a pest control guy.”


Our Pest Control Family

We want to say thanks to Gerry over at Heart’s Pest Control in San Diego, for posing such a great question in his pest control post.
Read Family Business vs. A Business of Family

Do you work for a family business or a business run like a family?

We feel the same way here at Bulwark. Yes we are a privately owned pest control company and there are a lot of blood family members in the company, but we feel that everyone who works at Bulwark is part of the Bulwark Family. Read Less is More and you will start to get a glimpse of what we claim as Our Culture. Its actually funny to try and explain some of our company to outsiders because they don’t have a clue usually as to what I am talking about… We have “drivers” to reward performance… I guess most people call them “bonuses”. We have “District Leaders” to mange our teams… or “team leaders”… I know for most it may seem small these differences, but when you live it and breathe it then you feel the difference.

We hope that this extends beyond our employees and out to our customers as well. Its a mutual understanding of how we both benefit one another. We take care of our customers bugs and they keep food on our tables. Fair, equal exchange… AND EVERYONE WINS!

Its great to work for a “Family Business”.

A Tribute to Heart’s Pest Control – San Diego, CA

Gerry Weitz of Heart’s Pest Control in San Diego, CA, has become a frequent visitor to our blogs and has added some great commentary. Some visitors that want to leave comments do out of a selfish motive to promote their own sites or increase their search engine rankings. Perhaps that’s why Gary visits us? Well a little online investigation found the following:

A San Diego newspaper article on Gerry wrote, “Workers at pest control company sing boss’s praises” Having employees that like you is one thing, but to sing praises all the way to the San Diego newspaper… that’s impressive.

Plus, Hearts gets good reviews from customers on Angie’s List, a homeowner review site with subscribing members. Angie’s list is a solid place to find honest and real reviews. So if a company ranks well on Angie’s list then they rank well in my book.

In general we found that Hearts is a smaller more personable company. They don’t have a first page spot on Google for San Diego Pest Control. They don’t seem to be spending money on Pay Per Clicks. From his comments he doesn’t waste money on phone book ads. If a company can grow and survive on referrals then they are surely a good company. In fact, one of the better companies. It seems that Hearts man promotional piece is his work, and that speaks for him.

From what we have seen, Gerry Weitz comments are very thoughtful and insightful. A true leader is one that shares and leads anyone and anywhere that he can. That is very admirable especially when those that are listening could be your competitors.

Thanks Gerry for your comments and Thanks for giving pest professionals everywhere a better image.

And if Bulwark can, we would love to help you place for Pest Control San Diego on google.