6 Fun Facts about Mice


Spotting a mouse scurrying through your home is many people’s worst nightmare. Because mice are so common, however, the likelihood of an infestation happening in your home is quite high. However, mice are actually quite surprising little creatures. They are smart, social and actually very clean. While you probably still don’t want them taking upRead More

Best Of 2013: Year End Pest Control Links Round Up


Here are a few links to some of the best pest control articles and blogs we’ve come across this year. Enjoy! General Pest Control  Pest Control Software for Small Business  http://www.theservicepro.net/blog/pest-control-software-for-small-business  A Day in a Tampa Pest Control Office http://nelsonspestcontrol.com/pest-control/pest-control-tampa-fl/a-day-in-a-tampa-pest-control-office-2/ Warmer Winter Foreshadows More Bug Infestations This Summer http://gemtekpestcontrol.com/warmer-winter-foreshadows-more-bug-infestations-this-summer/ The Importance of Pest Control inRead More

Pest Control Legislative Day 2013 Highlights

Every year, pest control professionals ascend on our nation’s capital to raise awareness with their legislators about important issues impacting the pest control industry. National Pest Management Association (NMPA) Legislative Day 2013, in Washington DC, offered pest control professionals the opportunity to build stronger relationships with a new-look Congress. NMPA Legislative Day 2013 In Washington Read More