Scorpion Season – WATCH OUT!

Scorpions are particularly active this time of year.  Why?  Because it is mating season and birthing season.  Luckily scorpions only give birth once a year.  Unlucky that they can give birth to over 100 baby scorpions!  And as interesting as it might be to see all of those baby scorpions hitching a ride on the mama scorpion’s back, you certainly don’t want that mother load entering your home and dropping off her little spawns all over your house!

Mother Scorpion with baby scorpions on back.
Mother Scorpion with baby scorpions on back. Scorpions are unique among pests because scorpions give live birth. They do not lay eggs like most. Instead the mother births the live babies and then carries them on her back until they are mature enough to fend for themselves.

Scare tactic? Yes, but it the truth!

Just read the following email:

I’ve had a major issue with scorpions this past couple months. Been in my house for 5 years and this is the first time I’ve seen any scorpions. Am currently using ****Competitor****’s pest defense but haven’t seen any improvement. Maybe looking to change companies. I’ve been fighting them myself with a blacklight at night. I tend to kill about 1-2 a night and have also killed a mother with babies on its back. Needing some peace of mind since I have 2 small children.

Charles – Mesa, AZ

Charles has every right to be concerned.  Scorpions can be very dangerous, especially to small children as their bodies may not be able to metabolize the scorpion venom.

This cry for help was sent to us yesterday:

I am tired of dealing with these creepy crawlers.I live in a apartment and we have reported our several incidents to our front office they have sent their own pest control company but they have done a poor job even after their second visit in a three week span we still continue to kill scorpions around our house. I am in desperate need of some relief!

Arturo – Phoenix, AZ

And Niki from Las Vegas wrote the following:

Hello, We are finding very lively scorpions in our home almost on a daily basis. I believe them to be the bark scorpion. We have had a regular exterminator and I have advised him of the problem but what he is doing does not seem to work. Do you have a solution?? I am finding very small babies now which I don’t think is a good sign. thank you.

Niki – Las Vegas, NV

Is there a pest control solution to scorpion problems?

We believe that there is a pest control solution available for scorpion problems.  After many hours and treating over 20,000 scorpion infested homes across the US, we have developed scorpion control. That’s right, its not a pest control solution its a scorpion control solution.  When you’ve got scorpions search for scorpion control service.

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