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Drawing the line

My name is Jay Tankersley and I am a Service Manager for Bulwark Exterminating located in the Raleigh, N.C. branch. I was filling in for one of our field technicians when the following incident took place. I greeted Mr. Smith at his front door, a Bulwark customer for a little less than a year. As I started to do his treatment he began to follow me around in silence as I sprayed his home with our standard pressure spraying procedure. I assumed he was checking to make sure I did a thorough service. I completed the entryway treatment and de-webbing without a word from the customer. Upon completion of the… Read More

Pest Control Disbelief

Irrational Disbelief Syndrome may be affecting millions of Americans.  Take your free test today at

Do you believe that a single pest control company could have over 1,700 5 star reviews on Google?
Do you believe that a pest control company could have 94% of current customers willing to recommend their exterminating service to a friend or family? Do you believe that there is a pest control solution for fire ant control? …for spider control? If you answered “No” to any of these questions above then there is a 98.6% that you are suffering from IDS. This message is brought to you by a local Raleigh pest control – 514 Daniels Street Raleigh, NC 27605