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This Week’s Pest Control Links

Winter Pest Control Tips

Following these seven simple tips can go along way to ensure your winter is pest free. More…

Greenville / Spartanburg Falls Into The Top 50 Cities With Bed Bug Activity

The top ten list of most bedbug infested cities is out, and very few states are devoid of the blood-sucking pests. South Carolina is no different. More…

Tips to Halt Spring Termite Infestations

Spring is rapidly approaching and there are some steps you can take now to help prevent possible termite infestations. More…

The Importance of Moisture Control

Moisture and pests go hand and hand, but what can you do about it? Here are some pointers. More…

Bulwark Exterminating Featured On Flipping Vegas

Bulwark Exterminating recently got a call came from the producers of A&E’s hit show “Flipping Vegas,” and were happy to help out with a very dangerous scorpion problem. See the pictures here.

Pest Of The Week: Yellowjackets

English: Yellowjacket by the pool
English: Yellowjacket by the pool (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the most common types of predatory wasps in North American is the yellowjacket. These wasps, often times confused with bees, are given the nickname yellowjacket because of the black and yellow stripes on their abdomens. All female members of the species are able to sting multiple times, causing incredible pain to anyone, who has been stung.

Yellowjackets build nests in trees, shrubs, or in protected places such as inside human-made structures (attics, hollow walls or flooring, in sheds, under porches, and eaves of houses), or in soil cavities, mouse burrows, etc. These nests can provide dangerous conditions for homeowners; conditions that need to be treated with pest control.