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How Much Does A Pest Control Technician Cost?

Pest Control Technician Spraying

TweetConsumers and pest control operators alike value their pest control technicians. For the consumer, a skilled and attentive technician keeps their families safe from dangerous pests like stinging scorpions, poisonous Black Widow spiders, and disease carrying cockroaches. This VALUE is immeasurable but in terms of a monetary COST; it’s about $50 a month, depending on… Read More

Will Bed Bugs still be Hot this Winter Season?


TweetThomas Ballantyne ( @Thos003 ) interviewing Griffen Pest Solutions ( @griffinpest ) Bed bugs are a hot topic for many U.S. cities. Fortunately most of the metro areas Bulwark Exterminating covers have not been red zones. But I understand Griffin is experiencing a lot of bed bug requests. Where is Griffin located? Griffin: Griffin Pest… Read More