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Top 10 Pest Control Equipment Productivity Tips

Most people will agree that while its the skills of the NASCAR driver that wins the race, that if we take away that well oiled racing machine and replace it with a pest control truck it doesn’t matter who is behind the wheel, he/Danica Patrick would have no chance at winning. No matter how great of a technician you hire, crappy abused and broken equipment will cause your pest control company to fail. So let’s show a little more love for our pest control trucks and equipment.   Top 10 Pest Control Equipment Productivity Tips By Andrew Greess #10 – Good Filtration Design good filtration to prevent debris from getting… Read More

Mosquito Control in St. Louis

Today’s interview is between Thomas, Bulwark Exterminating, and Thomas, Pioneer Pest Management… So we will make it Thos003, Bulwark, and Tom, St. Louis Extraordinaire. So let’s chat about… Mosquito Control in St. Louis Thos003: Mosquito control is a challenge many pest control companies are not willing to face, so how long have you been working to target mosquitoes? Tom:We have been specifically focused on mosquitoes for about three years.  This market was under served from a mosquito control standpoint, so we have helped boost awareness that there are effective solutions available. We started using a backpack mist and that led to getting into system installation. Thos003: How long have you… Read More

Pest Control worker stealing? Background Checks.

Some of today’s tragic headlines in the pest control industry are as follows: Pest control worker stole Rays championship ring. Pest control worker arrested for allegedly stealing Rays American League Championship ring Unfortunately this looks pretty grim for the pest control industry and the company that hired this individual. A couple of years ago an owner in the pool business related a sad story about an employee of his.  A small family owned pool service was nearly shattered by one bad hire.  The employee was a relative. It is sad to say, but just because one is family doesn’t make them trustworthy.  His advice, “DO BACKGROUND CHECKS ON… Read More

Pest Control with Heart – Hearts Pest Control San Diego

The internet is a sea of information.  Some salty, some entertaining, some exciting, and some information is just useless.  The world of pest control has been around for some time now.  There are industry giants that have been around for close to 100 years now. The pests may evolve , but not much really changes on a daily bases. So I sometimes wonder “how can anyone add new and valuable content to the topic of pest control?” Sure there is a new love song everyday of the week. Yes, Facebook is revolutionizing the social scene.  But PEST CONTROL??? But, as with love songs, it’s the passion that keeps the flame… Read More