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Becoming A Pest Control Operator

Exterminator spraying

TweetIn an economy where jobs can be hard to find, sometimes it’s worth it to consider jobs you may not know much about. One job you may not have considered is that of a pest control operator. In 2013, Fox Business named the pest management industry as one of the top 8 jobs to ‘escape… Read More

Mosquito Control in St. Louis

TweetToday’s interview is between Thomas, Bulwark Exterminating, and Thomas, Pioneer Pest Management… So we will make it Thos003, Bulwark, and Tom, St. Louis Extraordinaire. So let’s chat about… Mosquito Control in St. Louis Thos003: Mosquito control is a challenge many pest control companies are not willing to face, so how long have you been working… Read More

Pest Control worker stealing? Background Checks.

TweetSome of today’s tragic headlines in the pest control industry are as follows: Pest control worker stole Rays championship ring. Pest control worker arrested for allegedly stealing Rays American League Championship ring Unfortunately this looks pretty grim for the pest control industry and the company that hired this individual. A couple of years… Read More

Florida Pest Control

Do it right, all the time, every time, and you won’t have to worry about “getting caught.” If you are doing it right then there is nothing to catch. That’s the way pest control and all services should be.