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PestControl Myth #1- Revisited

As a technician or service manager with Bulwark Exterminating I would find it very challenging to overcome various stereotypes surrounding the pest control industry while trying to meet a customer’s expectations. I will eventually cover all of these challenges but for this post, I would like to focus on what is myth #1 in my book. Myth #1: “The best pesticide kills on contact.” Contact killers are what most people think of when they think of insecticides. As soon as the insect is exposed to the chemical they expect the insect to stop dead in their tracks. The usage of this type of pesticide is very ineffective for various reasons.… Read More

Pest Control Myth #3

The busiest time of the year for the Pest Control Industry is mostly during the summer months. Pest activity increases in the spring and peaks in the summer months. Pest Control Myth #3 revolves around the assumption that Pest Control is only needed during these times. Of course the premise of my position excludes tropical and sub-tropical habitats that may be considered conducive for pests year-round. The major reason why Pest Control is going to be needed more and more year-round in areas where there exists an “off-peak” season for pests is because of Human Intervention. The decrease in pest activity or an off-peak season is primarily due to pest… Read More