Infographic: What Did You See In The Pest Test Word Search?

Earlier this summer the pest management professionals at Bulwark Exterminating assembled a word search puzzle; a pest test of sorts, and posted it on their Facebook page. The pest test (pictured below) was a huge success! As of today, almost 12,500 people commenting on the first pest they found.

The following infographic breaks down, by percentage, exactly what pests were found the most by those who participated in the word search puzzle. Here’s the infographic:

Infographic: What Did You See In The Pest Test Word Search?



Take The Pest Test Yourself


Pest Test Wordsearch

  • What pest do you see first?

  • Where does your find stack up against the other 12,500 participants?

  • Was the pest you found first, the pest you fear the most?

  • Can you find all 12 pests?

  • What other words can you find in the word search?

How to Identify Common Bug Bites

I often receive phone calls from people truly distressed by itches, who say, “bugs are biting me.”  Most of the time the callers are correct and they are suffering from insects we can take care of:  bed bugs, fleas, or bird mites. If itching isn’t caused by any of these household pests, and mosquitoes are not suspected, then the problem might be scabies or lice.

Identifying Bug Bites

Bedbug BitesBed bug bites often appear as red itchy welts in groups of three. Bites will be located in the areas of the body most easily accessed in a sleeping person: neck, arms and legs, the sides of the back. Some people have extreme reactions to bed bug bites and may experience very large welts. Thirty-percent of people do not react to bed bug bites at all.

Flea bites typically result in very small raised, itchy welts below the knee. In a residence with a high flea infestation, bites may be encountered on any part of the body, but still mostly confined to areas of exposed skin.

Bird mite bites usually appear as multiple small (pin-point sized) red lesions on the extremities. Bird mite bites may cause intense itching and irritation even when there is no visible sign of a bite.

Bed bugs, fleas, and bird mites can be exterminated by a pest control company.

Human itch mites (scabies) burrow into the skin, often between the fingers, or the bend of elbows, knees, and groin. This is considered a medical problem and is easily diagnosed and treated by a doctor.

Bites of a head lice

Head lice cause itching to the scalp and neck. The diagnosis of head lice infestation is best made by finding a live nymph or adult louse on the scalp or hair of a person. A fine-toothed louse comb is a very helpful tool for finding lice or louse eggs. Head lice respond to home treatment.

Now and then, however, a caller will suffer from an invisible itch—an itch caused by something we can’t see. While there are only half a dozen insect species likely to cause itchy bites, there are hundreds of household products, environment factors, and health-related conditions that can make you itch.  An excellent list of these itch triggers is found in “Invisible Itches: Insect and Non-Insect Causes,” from the University of Kentucky.

Itching is real and causes real distress. We hate telling someone we can’t find evidence of bugs. With a bug infestation there is a clear protocol for control, and for itch relief. When confounded by itching without a known source, consider non-insect causes.

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Links Roundup- Pest Control Articles For The Week 

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Pest Of The Week: The Red Imported Fire Ant

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Making their way into the United States in the late 1930’s, the malicious Red imported Fire ant has spread to most of the southern states. Because of their impact on properties, on human health, and their environmental impact; Red Imported Fire ants easily take the cake for the worst ant pest. They build huge mounds, reaching nearly eight feet deep. These mounds can easily destroy the trees and plants on your property. On top of their damaging effects, they can also sting and bite. Red Imported Fire ant stings are very painful, and have even lead to death in rare cases.

Red Imported Fire ants have dark red bodies, with black abdomens. They can reach lengths of almost 1/4 of an inch, and are notorious for their very aggressive nature. When bothered, fire ants will pour out of their mounds and assault any impostor by stinging them numerous times. if you are having problems with fire ants, get ant control!