10 April Fools Pranks Involving Bugs

It’s April Fools Day and all of us are on high alert; making sure our family, roommates, friends and coworkers don’t pull one over on us.

For all of you pranksters out there, there’s no easier prank to pull off than a classic bug prank. Whether you’re going to dump a jar of crickets on your buddy as he takes a shower, put a fake fly in somebody’s spaghetti, or put a tarantula on your boss’s desk; a creepy bug can be the cornerstone of any successful prank. Here are a just a few April Fools pranks involving bugs:

Scorpion Prank

Thumbs up for scorpions! Watch what happens when a massive Emperor Scorpion is let loose on this poor girl in the bathroom. “Get it away; it’s going to KILL ME… HE WILL KILL US ALL!!!” You may want to turn down the volume on your computer for this one.

Bug Exterminator Prank!

Note to pest control professionals everywhere… Here’s how you don’t spray for cockroaches. While technically the prank doesn’t involve any actual bugs, a bug exterminator is equally effective.

Spider Prank

Don’t get startled this April Fools Day if a spider mysteriously lands on you from the sky.

The Cockroach Prank

This cockroach prank was featured on one of our previous blogs entitled A Roach Is Not A Love Bug. It is too good to not share again. Enjoy!

Cricket Prank – Infesting Your Coworker’s Truck

I just found another definition for the word MADNESS… The sound of 2000 crickets chirping in unison inside your truck.

Drive Thru Bug Prank

As if fast food employees didn’t have it bad enough already, now they have to put up with giant cockroaches on there hands. Let’s just hope the only cockroaches found at your favorite drive thru are fake– just like the one in this prank.

Giant Hairy Spider Dropped On Boyfriend

It’s easy. It’s a classic. It’s a simple spider on a string, and this poor sap lets his girlfriend get the best of him.

Mixed Nuts and Worms Prank

One thing we know for sure, food and worms don’t mix. Watch what happens when a bag of meal-worms is placed in a unsuspecting woman’s favorite snack.


Roach Prank

Why haven’t I ever though of this before… A giant plastic roach tied to some fishing line. The possibilities are endless! It can definitely go a long way in making most anybody squirm.


Big Scary Spider Prank

Who knew dogs were just as scared of spiders as we are? My dog just eats them! I guess when the spider is as big as a domesticated cat, even a dog will run.


All of us bug guys here at Blog Pest Control and Bulwark Exterminating would like to warn you to be on the lookout this April Fools Day for scorpions, roaches, crickets, and spiders. Have a safe April Fools Day. Happy pranking!



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