What Odors Do Rodents Like?

If you’ve had rodent problems before, then you are probably aware about how challenging it is to get rid of these destructive critters. Rats and mice are the most common types, but another rodent that is also known to wreak havoc to properties is the vole. Once any type of critter has set up houseRead More

Best Of 2012: Year End Links Round-Up

Here a a few links to some of the best pest control articles and blogs we’ve come across this year. Enjoy! General Pest Control  Home Pest Control Slows The Need For Home Improvement http://www.propacificpestcontrol.com/2012/pest-control/home-pest-control-slows-the-need-for-home-improvement/ Pest Control Tips For The Whole Family http://www.abridgehome.com/2012/12/02/pest-control-tips-for-the-whole-family/ What is a pest inspection and why would I need one? http://dialonepestcontrol.com/what-is-a-pest-inspection-and-why-would-i-need-one/ BoraxRead More