5 Best Free Family Games & Top 5 Group Board Games

So family and friends will be visiting this week, and meal time is pretty easy, but what to do with the rest of the time you will be together? Instead of turning on the tube this holiday season why not try some good’ole fashioned party games? Sure there are your traditional board games like Monopoly and Settlers of Catan as of recent years. But not everybody is into throwing dice in a competitive battle of pure luck. From a board game fanatic, here are a few games that pretty much anyone can enjoy. This is the pest control guy’s list of Top 10 Games to play with your Holiday group this year.

The 5 Best Free Family Friendly Games This Season

#1 – What Were You Thinking?

This game was sold as a box game at one time and you might be able to find it as a collectible. But the game is simple enough to play with just paper and pencils and a few categories or questions from the group.  So pick a category, like “Disney Movies”, then ask everyone to name 5 Disney Movies. Give everyone a minute to write up their list. Then you start with one person reading their answers. As they read their first answer “Pinocchio” the question is then asked, who else wrote “Pinocchio”? Everyone that wrote that answer is totaled and everyone scores that total for “Pinocchio”. The object of the game is to match others and have the highest score after 5 to 6 rounds.  The laughs happen as people listen to the varied responses and find out how unique individuals think. As the box version reads; “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you think the same.”

  • A few questions and categories to get you in the holiday mood:
  • Top 5 must have food dishes on Thanksgiving
  • 5 Best tasting topping for Turkey
  • List 5 Pies
  • Name 5 things you have seen in 2017 with Pumpkin Spice Flavoring
  • Give us 5 things you are thankful for
  • Name 5 people you will say “Thank You” to today.

#2 – Three Stage Charades

This is by far the best version of charades you will ever play. Best for groups of 8 or more. Divide into two teams. Send one team into another room. Each team will now write down these 3 things: Person, Thing, Action. Now the two teams will come back together. Each team will now pick 3 people to act out the charades and 1 person to guess. Two of the actors and the one guesser will need to all leave the room.  The words will now be revealed to the first charades player. One of the actors will be called back into the room. The player with the revealed words will then act out each word/category separately for the next charades actor. After each word has been acted out without speaking of sounds for the 2nd actor. The 3rd actor will be called in and the 2nd will repeat the process of acting out for the 3rd. Finally they guesser is to be brought in and the guesser will need to guess each of the 3 words. Essentially the game is telephone charades in 3 stages. The lost in translation that happens with the typical telephone game is amplified by the fact that no one is speaking in charades as they try to pass the message along.

#3 – Telephone Charades Race

This version of Charades is similar to the last in that the word is passed from player to player by acting only, but this one is done in race-relay style. You have your teams evenly split. You will want at least 5 players per team and no more than 8 players per team. If you have 20 people, go with 4 teams of 5. If you have 18 go with 3 teams of 6. Two teams line up all facing one direction looking at the back of their team players’ head. The two opposing players on the end that can see the rest of the teams will start. They will both receive the word they will be acting out. The race begins as both players tap the shoulder of the person in front of them then proceed to pass the word along. Once the receiving team member feels fairly confident about the word they can turn and tap the shoulder of the person in front of them passing it up the line. Players only turn around to receive the clue as their shoulders are tapped. It is a race and there should be an object to grab to determine which team finishes the race first. The team that finishes the race first gets first guess. If they guess correctly they get a point for the total number of players on the team. If they guess incorrectly it passes to the other team to guess. A correct guess will give them full points for all members on the team. If they fail then it goes to the next player on the opposing team to guess but now it’s minus 1 point. The guessing goes back and forth until the correct guess is given points reducing by 1 for each player that fails. There are no points awarded if neither team can guess it. Play this with an even set of rounds for each team you have. You may also have 3 lines going at the same time.  Any way you play it, this the game is fun. The fast paced acting out is sure to gets some laughs.

#4 Guessing Celebrities in 3’s

Some call this game Fish Bowl. This game is also sold as Monikers. It requires a big bowl and 3 or 4 slips of paper for every player.  All players will need to write down Celebrity names on their papers. Fold the papers in half so that the name written is not visible and drop them in the bowl. Now divide into two teams. A minute timer will be needed. Play will then pass between teams as players step up and pull names from the bowl. The object is to get your team to guess as many celebrities as you can in 1 minute. As you empty the bowl, your team scores 1 point for each correct guess. Players may pass, but each pass will cost them a point. You may allow 1 or 2 free passes per player. Names passed are placed back into the bowl. Keep score after each player takes their turn. An opposing team player may also help younger children with reading or knowing who the celebrity is. This is played in 3 stages. At the end of each stage the names are all placed back into the bowl. Any remaining time at the end of a stage is given back to the team in play and they will begin the next stage with that time.

  • Stage 1 is “Say Anything”. You can say as much as you like so long as you are giving clues and not saying the celebrity’s name, spelling it out, or rhyming it with.
  • Stage 2 is “Acting Only”. You must act out only; no sounds, no sign language.
  • Stage 3 is “One Word”. No acting or pointing. Simply draw the name and give a single word.
  • Total up the points at the end of stage 3 and game over. This game passes one-minute at a time quickly. Competition can be fierce and celebrities everywhere will be offended.

#5 What If?

This game of wacky questions paired with random answers may create some lifelong inside jokes. Keeping an open mind for chaos and none sense is required to enjoy “What If…?”. Papers and pencils required. Write a “What if…” question. Throw the questions back into a hat and everyone draws. Make sure you get someone else’s question. On a spate paper, write an answer starting with “Then…”. Now re-distribute the answers. The game proceeds as players will now read their questions and then answer them by reading the random answer they pulled. Many questions will be left unanswered. But sometimes the questions and paired answers just make the perfect non-sense to get everyone laughing.

Just a tip, but personalizing a question or an answer by using players names increases the likelihood of giggles. I mean “What if Uncle Bobbie really did turn into turkey?…”. 

Top 5 Board Games for Big Groups of Families and Friends 

#1 Code Names

Topping my list of party size board games these days is Code Names. Best with at least 6 players. Clue giving word game at its finest.

#2 The Game of Things

This game is a great get to know you game as players guess who gave what answer. Sold in a box, but playable without the official board game. Still, the box set moves play along rapidly and this game is a keeper. Keep your party alive and kicking with this fantastic board game.

#3 Ultimate Werewolf

This game has taken on many forms from the free for all “Mafia” party game, to the more refined “The Resistance” game best as “Avalon”. In its many forms it will remain a party game for years to come. But I give you this version “One Night Ultimate Werewolf” as its best family and friend version. Absolutely playable for all ages. This box set plays each game in under 10 minutes. The app leaves no need for a game facilitator and makes it super easy for anyone to pick up and play. Who needs to read the rules when the app will walk you through?

#4 Telestrations

The best version of Pictionary ever invented. This is the telephone game but on paper and with drawings. Laugh it up as simple and easy ideas distort themselves into never before heard or seen fumblings.

#5 Catch Phrase

Guess the word, pass the ticking time bomb. Whatever team ends up stuck with the buzzer in their hands loses. This game can be too competitive and injuries may occur if the timer is thrown at players, but still worthy of our Top 5 Party Game list.

Labor Day Week Pest Control Links Round-Up

Labor Day Week Pest Control Links Round-Up


wasp stingingWasp Ruins My Labor Day

While enjoying my outdoor Labor Day picnic, I feel this small quiver underneath my blouse. I brush at it, thinking nothing of it at first, when I realize that ‘quiver’ inside my blouse has legs… and a bad temper! More…

Take the Bite Out of Labor Day

Nothing puts a damper on end-of-summer picnics and camp-outs faster than biting bugs. Unfortunately, mosquitoes and other insect pests come with the summertime territory. You can keep pesky – and sometimes dangerous – bugs from ruining your time outdoors over the long Labor Day weekend by taking three steps for complete protection. More…

The Beesness of Bees and Wasps

Hopefully the bees and wasps didn’t give you the “beesness” this Labor Day. More…

West Nile Numbers On The Rise, But Is It As Bad As Last Year?

How many of you where at all worried about mosquitoes and West Nile Virus over the weekend? Did you need to be? See how the mosquito and WNV numbers compare to last year’s. More…

Stay On Guard For Mosquitoes Over Labor Day Weekend

Officials are warning us about mosquito activity over the Labor Day weekend. More…


Sweat beePest Of The Week: The Sweat Bee

Found throughout most of the world, with the exception of Southeast Asia and Australia, the sweat bee is a beautiful flying pest. This native North American bee are commonly metallic in color; a metallic green, yellow, red, or combination of all three. A few types of sweat bees can be a boring brown or black in color as well.

Many people are scared at the sight of a sweat bee because of their intense appearance. Rest easy folks, as these bees are actually quite docile and will not sting you unless you go out of your way to handle one of them.

These bees happen to get their names from one particular trait… They love sweat! They are drawn to human perspiration; something the sweat bee gets important nutrients from. Sweat bees frequently nest underground, or in dead or rotting wood. Although they are solitary bees, sweat bees have been known to work together and share nests and tunnels.

Pest Control Links Round-Up: Fourth Of July Edition

Pest Control Links Round-Up: Fourth Of July Edition


FireworksFour Top Pests For The Fourth Of July

Mosquitoes, ants, stinging pests and flies can interrupt our parades, flags, cookouts and fireworks as we celebrate the Fourth of July and our country’s 237th birthday. More…

Managing Bees & Wasps

Bees and wasp’s love of man-made structures and food sources bring them into contact with people during July 4th activities; creating the opportunity for a painful sting. More…

Declare Your Independence From Pests This July 4th

Are you currently being oppressed by a nasty regime of pests; much like the colonists were back in 1776? If so, it’s time to declare your independence from these malevolent pests. More…

Keep Pesky Fleas At Bay This Summer

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West Nile Virus Activity Increases Throughout Sacramento & Yolo Counties– Protect Yourself This Fourth Of July Holiday

The Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito & Vector Control District announced that more evidence of West Nile virus activity has been detected in widespread areas throughout Sacramento and Yolo counties as 24 mosquito samples and 3 birds tested positive for the disease today. More…


Pest Of The Week: The Jumping Spider


Jumping Spider Eating CricketJumping spiders are one of the easiest spiders to identify because of their four pairs or eyes arranged in three different rows, their erratic rapid movements, and their ability to jump. Jumping spiders also have unbelievable speed, which is accomplished by a well-developed internal hydraulic system; which extends their limbs by altering the pressure of body fluid. This hydraulic system enables jumping spiders to jump almost forty times the length of their own body.

Jumping spiders are also very unique, in that they do not rely on their webs to catch their meals. These spiders actually stalk and hunt their prey much like a jungle cat does. Their incredible speed and eyesight makes these spiders natural born killers of insects. While jumping spiders do possess venom that can paralyze its prey, they are not considered to be dangerous to humans. Excessive numbers of these spiders found inside your home may require professional spider control.



Happy New Year From Blog Pest Control


Happy New Year From Blog Pest Control


So it is farewell to 2012, and Blog Pest Control would like to express our gratitude for another remarkable year. We’d like to thank you the reader for your valuable support, comments, social media shares, and feedback throughout the past year.

This upcoming year, Blog Pest Control will continue to be your go-to source for all things pest control. We will continue to bring you informative news on different pests, pest treatments, and pest related breaking news stories from around the country. You can also turn to us for advice on running your pest control business; including informative pest control Q&A posts. Lets keep this platform alive for many years to come.

Bulwark Exterminating and Blog Pest Control would like seize this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year 2013. May the coming year bring prosperity, joy, and happiness to all of you. We’re looking forward to your continued support through 2013 and beyond.


Happy New Year!



Pests Your Thanksgiving Turkey Might Eat

Thanksgiving Turkey

The turkey has been a staple of Thanksgiving since the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Natives ate it for their first Thanksgiving in 1621. Thanksgiving is colloquially called “Turkey Day” since turkey is the most common main dish of the holiday.

This year alone, American turkey growers have raised 270 million turkeys; which will correspond to the five billion pounds of turkey Americans will eat this Thanksgiving. That’s a lot of turkey!

While Americans love eating their turkey for Thanksgiving, turkeys equally love eating all sorts of bugs. Turkey’s raised on farms traditionally eat corn and seeds, but wild turkeys love eating insects and other creepy crawlies in order to get much needed protein. Some may even consider enlisting a turkey for scorpion control. (Have it your way, bugs or bird poop. Or call a professional.)

But really, as a bug guy, the whole turkey dinner thing got me thinking:

What would a turkey’s dinner look like on Thanksgiving?



A rustic arrangement of escargot featuring the Leopard Snail

Salad Course

A lovely Flowering Dogwood salad tossed with North American Millipedes

Main Entrée

A large assortment of raw Grasshoppers, Field Crickets, and Black Carpenter Ants, served with a side of Wolf Spiders, and generously garnished with Dandelion.


A delectable Earthworm Mud Pie sprinkled with Chiggers.


For Bulwark’s complete list of what turkeys eat, click here.


Happy Thanksgiving!

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, and the holiday season is in full swing, Bulwark Pest Control would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! No matter what your plans are or where you’ll be, there are many things to be thankful for. Take some time this week and reflect on all of your many blessings. Watch a lot of football, enjoy the company of your loved ones, and eat way too much pie. Have a Happy Turkey Day!

Reindeer Saves Rat’s Life, Spreads Holiday Cheer

“…But do you recall? The most famous reindeer of all…Shooter The Good Deed Reindeer!”


OK, so he may not be the most famous, but he certainly is the most thoughtful and service oriented toward rodent-kind.

Shooter the Good Deer Reindeer

Shooter, resident of the Pocatello Zoo in Idaho, was seen by zoo staff awkwardly handling his water trough. The large animal, which at times can be a bit overbearing for many of the staffers, eventually was able to dip his head and gently retrieve a rat from his barrel. Shooter then laid the distressed rodent on the floor and proceeded to nudge him with his hoof until he had the strength to scurry away into the bushes on his own power.

Shooter The Good Deed Reindeer helps his nameless friend from near death (Caters News Agency)
Shooter in the midst of his harrowing rescue (Caters News Agency)
The unknown rescuee scurried into the bushes before he could be reached for comment (Caters News Agency)

So while Dancer and Prancer and all those other reindeer are chauffeuring around the Man Up North, reindeer like Shooter are down here in more warmer climates doing the little deeds that make the difference all year round.

We salute you, Shooter The Good Deed Reindeer. We salute you.