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Happy Thanksgiving’

Pests Your Thanksgiving Turkey Might Eat

Thanksgiving Turkey The turkey has been a staple of Thanksgiving since the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Natives ate it for their first Thanksgiving in 1621. Thanksgiving is colloquially called “Turkey Day” since turkey is the most common main dish of the holiday. This year alone, American turkey growers have raised 270 million turkeys; which will correspond to the five billion pounds of turkey Americans will eat this Thanksgiving. That’s a lot of turkey! While Americans love eating their turkey for Thanksgiving, turkeys equally love eating all sorts of bugs. Turkey’s raised on farms traditionally eat corn and seeds, but wild turkeys love eating insects and other creepy crawlies in order… Read More

Giving Thanks for the little things.

Family at the dinner table at the Thanksgiving day.

At the risk of loosing some of the macho “We are pest control professionals that are not afraid to toy with bugs” perception, Bulwark Exterminating would like to take the time to thank so many of our technicians for the little things they do. Echoed by the words of our customers. Thank you Bulwark Exterminating technicians.