Green Week – Week 2

Have you ever gone out and bought a new car thinking “this new car is awesome and I am the only one that’s driving it!” and then over the next few weeks it seems that your brand new unique car is popping up all over the place?  In fact, it seems that almost every other car is your same model!

Once we become aware of something or once its on our mind we start to notice it everywhere.  Well Green Week had its lasting impression and it seems now that everywhere I look Green is the thing!  Starbuck’s coffee cup holders has a tag about being made from recycled post consumer waste.  Residence Inn has a line at the end of the reservation about Green Your Hotel Stay. Learn More and Donate Now >> . Green is Everywhere and its GREAT!!!

Despite my little disappointment from the Green Pest Control Conference’s lack of definition on what it means to be green, I am generally optimistic about the direction the world is heading in.  Every little bit counts.  Every raindrop adds to the flood.  So the one extra piece of paper you put into the recycling bin is a good thing.  And Pest Control companies that have already being doing the right thing, the “Green Pest Control Service”, should pat themselves on the back and keep moving forward towards a greener world.

Bulwark is Green and Getting Greener!