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Family Pest Control’

Jerry, the Bug Doctor

-Thomas: Well it’s been a fun month, all kinds of fun things are happening. We’ve got Jerry the Bug Doctor set up for a Blog Pest Control interview today. Despite his title as the Bug Doctor, Jerry isn’t working to make the bugs feel better. No,  Jerry stays busy doing pest control in Ocala. There are a lot of bugs to keep you busy in Florida. Jerry: Busy is an understatement but it beats the alternative…lol Thomas:So let’s not waste anymore time here…How many years in the bug business? Jerry: Started pest control in 1984 with Terminix in Baltimore. I worked my way up from residential to commercial tech and… Read More

Green Pest Control in Seattle and Portland

Green pest control is on a lot of minds these days. We just happened to find a Seattle based based exterminator that promotes their Green name, GREEN CHOICE PEST CONTROL. They are also a family based service that has good reviews from their happy customers. So we decided to get to know them a little better.

Re: Leaving Something on the Bone – Gerry

Leave Something On The Bone – Sick Pay, Benefits, Medical Coverage in the Pest Control Industry Great write up by Gerry, I would have assumed that most pest control companies offered. Gerry suggests that the pest control industry should be inline with offering sick pay, benefits and medical coverage. I applaud him on that. Gerry is quite the visionary. He brings a different perspective to the pest control industry with his background. He seems to possess a superb business sense and it shows with how he treats his customers and his employees. I agree with him. It would be ideal for pest control companies, and all companies, to offer more… Read More

Our Pest Control Family

We want to say thanks to Gerry over at Heart’s Pest Control in San Diego, for posing such a great question in his pest control post. Read Family Business vs. A Business of Family Do you work for a family business or a business run like a family? We feel the same way here at Bulwark. Yes we are a privately owned pest control company and there are a lot of blood family members in the company, but we feel that everyone who works at Bulwark is part of the Bulwark Family. Read Less is More and you will start to get a glimpse of what we claim as Our… Read More