Seasonal Pest Control

You may call them winter pest. You may call them holiday visitors. We call them seasonal invaders. They are the bugs and insects that strike when the cold weather approaches.  These winter visitors seek the warmth and comfort of your beautiful home.  Crawling in every crack and crevasse they can to escape the pending winter. They include pests such as spiders, crickets, centipedes, millipedes, springtails and mice.  All of these pests are known to invade your home during those months that most people consider to have low pest activity.

It is true that many pests die off for the winter, or go into hibernation, or retreat to their winter forts, such as ants.  But there are many pests that would rather not take a winter vacation.  Instead they fly, crawl, or jump to the more tropical weather provided by the shelter you know as your house.  For this reason, residential pest control shouldn’t be skipped for the winter months.  There are in wall treatments that can be done, or other exterior fortifications that should be applied to keep your home bug free all year long.  Skipping service for a few months could mean that spring cleaning will be even more intense.  And in certain areas, like Tulsa, OK, this letting down of your bug guard could mean letting in the local brown recluse.  And fall is certainly still high scorpion activity.  Is it really worth risking your family’s safety by letting your pest control maintenance slip for a month or two?

Ideally, you should continue to have your home treated even when you believe that all the pests are taking a winter break.  Just like cleaning out your garage, its best to keep it clean and not let the clutter biuld up again.