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Pest Control Legislative Day 2013 Highlights

Every year, pest control professionals ascend on our nation’s capital to raise awareness with their legislators about important issues impacting the pest control industry. National Pest Management Association (NMPA) Legislative Day 2013, in Washington DC, offered pest control professionals the opportunity to build stronger relationships with a new-look Congress. NMPA Legislative Day 2013 In Washington  March 17-19 2013 marked NMPA Legislative Day in Washington DC; and some 400 pest control professionals attended to make sure their voices were heard by Congress. Important business and tax issues were discussed, including issues surrounding the PESTT Act, paperless reporting, and the use of Sulfuryl Fluoride on food. Those who attended got to listen… Read More

EPA Announces Plans to Ban 20 Rodent Pest Control Products

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has announced, that it has plans to ban 20 rat and mouse control products, because they use “loose” bait. The EPA claims that the products are especially dangerous, because they are sold for use in homes where unsupervised children or pets, may come into contact with them. “There is no question these rodenticides can cause harm in someone who misuses them, but are we prepared to ban them entirely and allow rodents, mice, and other vermin to destroy 25 percent of our food stocks; the way they do throughout the rest of the world?” asks a senior fellow with the National Center for Policy Analysis.… Read More

Bed Bug Summit In DC, But It’s Not The First.


Today is the start of the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Bed Bug Summit in Washington DC. The government sponsored 2-day event will discuss regulation, research and prevention on a national level for multiple industries. This is the EPA’s second such conference in two years, as the first was held in 2009 in Virginia.