‘Ketchup’ to Pesticide Quality

o while this is all pretty impressive what does this mean to you and to I? While the world screams foul and greed to the big chemical companies of the world, insecticides are perhaps the most tested substances known to man. This does not ensure 100% safety because it does come down to the applicator but it should at least put to rest some fears that these products in and of themselves are not evil or oozing contamination and injury just by existing. Pair up these pest control products with a professional technician who undergoes rigorous testing of another kind and you have the makings of a very uniform, reliable and effective service that will keep you and your family bug free. Pesticides are made to benefit mankind and have been so for many years and are only getting better. So the next time you’re waiting for that ketchup to slowly pour out of the bottle you can thank the ketchup velocity lady for that very predictable result and just as well, the next time you have a serious pest control issue and pesticides need to be used. You can thank your chemical manufacturers and the tech who applied it professionally to kill those bugs.