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Spiders Are Invading! No matter where you look, spiders and their webs lurk behind furniture, over windows, in corners of rooms, in light fixtures, on ceilings and under cabinets. There are steps you can take yourself to reduce the occurrence of indoor spiders: Why Mosquitoes Are One Of The Most Dangerous Animals In The World Believe it or not, mosquitoes are one of the most deadly animals in the world. When it comes to killing humans, mosquitoes are the worst. They kill more people every year than all the other animals we think of as dangerous, including snakes, sharks and crocodiles. Here are some helpful tips from the pros at… Read More

How to Keep Your Home from Becoming a Winter Pest Resort

Wood pile

Sunday is the first day of Autumn. Summer has come and gone and the winter months will soon be rolling in. But that doesn’t mean that pests should be rolling into your house for shelter. As it gets colder outside, take these precautions while you still can to keep unwanted visitors from showing up at your holiday parties. Keep Your Home Tidy Around the holiday season you should just be keeping your house tidy in general, especially to prepare for all of the guests that you’ll be having over. A messy house might ward off human guests, but it will draw in an extra number of crawling creatures. Uncovered food… Read More

5 Cool Bug Themed School Supplies

Back To School

It’s that time of year again where the little ones head back to school, and you know what that means: new school supplies! Why not send your tykes back to school in style, with fun bug-themed items? The following ideas are especially great for younger kids who are enthusiastic about insects, and are a great way to incorporate an educational topic your child enjoys learning about with fashion and accessories. Ladybug Backpack What better way to send your little bug off to kindergarten than with a cute Ladybug backpack? There are many adorable styles to choose from, whether you’re seeking to purchase a backpack with pictures of ladybugs (or some… Read More