Pest Control Trap Catches Water Moccasins

Pest Control Catches Deadly Snakes - Water Moccasins

Snakes are a real problem.  Most pest control companies can do nothing to prevent snakes from entering your home.  There are a few precautions a pest control company can take.  Pest Control Traps is one of those, although customers should understand that snake control and capture is not guaranteed. And remember, it is still best to call a wildlife company or rodent removal company if you have a serious snake problem.  Water Moccasins are deadly and they can be found frequently in Texas.    There are several other states that must deal with Water Moccasins and in the southern US, rattle snakes are a common concern among homeowners.

In general, stay away from snakes.  They typically only strike when they feel threatened.  If you are bitten by a poisonous snake then seek professional help immediately. Do not try to suck the poisons out. You can often make a snake bite worse by adding other germs and filth to the wound. It is also advised not to cinch the limb. This can result in the loss of a limb when not necessary. Most snake bites are treatable within the first 3 hours. However, each individual reacts differently so if signs of cardiac arrest or abnormal breathing occur then cinching or removing a limb may be the best option.

Again the first step is to call your local emergency help lines or Dial 911.

What you should know about Mosquitoes

Have you ever been outside with friends and feel like you were the only one being bitten or attacked by mosquitoes?

Recent studies have shown that there is truly a significance behind these experiences and it has to do with the fact that mosquitoes are attracted to certain specifics characteristics of their human host.  Well lets think about it.  Female mosquitoes in order to reproduce relish at the opportunity to drink your blood.  Mosquitoes have been around for thousands of years and have developed some skill at determining whose blood is good for withdrawal.

I recently watched a scientist talking about these studies state why mosquitoes may be biting your friend and not you.  Mosquitoes are attracted to clean smelling, bigger proportioned, dark haired humans.  This is truly what the guy on television said.  After researching this a little bit further I learned that humans give off various odors that we are not sensitive to.  I guess even our blood has a certain odor to it.  Mosquitoes which are naturally sensitive to these odors have developed preferences for their prey.

Basically the study is saying that mosquitoes are attracted to clean, big, and dark haired persons because they are easy to locate.  The bigger you are the more heat you give off.  The bigger you are the more carbon dioxide you may generally emit.  I guess mosquitoes are able to see dark colors better than light colors.  Clean persons with good hygiene…smell good…can you blame them?

Controlling Mosquitoes

— Throw out all trash that can hold water, such as tin cans, jars and old tires.

— Clean out rain gutters; be certain no water remains on flat roofs after rains.

— Change water in birdbaths at least once a week.

— Clean out and fill in tree holes with concrete.

— Stock decorative ponds with goldfish or mosquito fish.

— Empty children’s wading pools weekly.

— Fill in or drain low areas in your yard.

— Keep weeds and tall grass cut short; adult mosquitoes look for these shady places to rest during the hot daylight hours.

Source: Knox County Health Department

Prevent Mosquito Bites

— Avoid places and times when mosquitoes commonly bite — dusk and dawn.

—  Wear long sleeves and pants when in wooded areas. Keep pant legs tucked into boots or socks.

— Make sure your insect repellent contains DEET, Picardin or Lemon of Eucalyptus. Generally, repellent with 30 percent DEET works best for adults. A lower concentration is recommended for children. Contact your child’s physician before using repellent on infants.

Source: Knox County Health Department

Termites Pest Control

I would like to take the opportunity to write about termites. Termites are very dangerous because of the damage that they cause to man made structures. There is a different test one must take before they can become certified to treat for termites in the State of Nevada. I am happy to say that I passed with flying colors. Although called the “termite” test the curriculum or certification materials covered other Wood Destroying Pests. I was a little surprised to be studying moss, fungi, rot, bees, beetles and structural aspects of homes which included; how well water flowed away from the foundation. It is interesting to see how all of these things come together when you finally get the big picture of what the inspection is all about, and how important a proactive approach can be when trying to control termites.

I will include in another post specifically what your neighborhood termite inspector will be looking for. For now, I would like to lay the framework for the “big picture” approach to a termite inspection; generally needed for various (loan) real estate transactions.

So why did I learn about moss, fungi, various other “rot,” bees, beetles, and how well the water flows away from the foundation?

Although termites are the number one wood destroying pests, there are others. There exists various types of bees and borers (beetles) that destroy wood and it is important to know about these insects to prevent the incorrect diagnosis of termites. The cost to treat for termites can be expensive, so it is very important that your diagnosis be solid.

When it comes to termites you want to make it as hard as possible for them to find a suitable place to live. This is where the various types of “rot” and how water flows away from the foundation comes in. Subterranean termites need a lot of moisture and prefer softer wood. Areas around your foundation where water builds up is a disaster waiting to happen. Over time, wood components of the foundation will eventually become water logged; ultimately developing the wood of choice for the nearest subterranean colony. Looking for moss, and fungus can easily identify places where this has taken place. Ever look at places where water damage has occurred? Moss, Fungus, or various stages of rot in/on walls is an immediate red flag for the inspector because it could be an entry point/harborage for termites.

The big picture is more than that of termites. One should learn of other wood destroying pests native to their habitat, and understand conditions that exist around the home that may be conducive to an infestation of various wood destroying pests; let alone the infamous termite.


Need a Termite Inspection: Click Here.

Most Important Equation In Pest Control

For those working in the industry there could not exist a more important equation dealing with safety.
Risk = Toxicity x Exposure

Understanding this is imperative. The goal is always to minimize risk or ultimately eliminate risk if possible. As a service manager I would always try to hammer this into our technician’s mindset. Worrying about our customer’s and technician’s safety is cardinal when it comes to effective pest control maintenance. I would always advise our technicians to especially be cautious when handling pesticides. The reason is “Exposure.” Technicians are consistently exposed to pesticides if they are not wearing proper PPE. Although the chemical may be of low toxicity, because there is a high risk of exposure while applying pesticides; Risk increases:

(Low Toxicity) * (Daily Exposure) = High Risk

Always read the label, and apply pesticides with the recommended Personal Protective Equipment.


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