Rasberry Ants Spreading

Ants on raspberries

The Crazy Rasberry ant (not raspberry), also called the Tawny Crazy ant has increasingly become a harmful pest to many homeowners. Rasberry ants can be both destructive, and dangerous. Here’s what you need to know:

Rasberry Ants Spreading

Rasberry ants were first found in Houston, TX by exterminator Tom Rasberry; in which the ant was named. Since their discovery in 2002, the Rasberry ant has spread to throughout much of the Southwest; including 24 different counties in the state of Texas.

The largest Rasberry ant infestations have been found in southeast Harris County, including Houston, La Porte, San Jacinto Port, Pasadena, Deer Park, Seabrook, Friendswood, and Pearland.

Rasberry ants continue to spread at a rate of about five miles per year. Often times they are unknowingly transported by vehicles, animals, and other people. Preferring the hot, humid weather, they can now be found in Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Mississippi.

Identifying Rasberry Ants

Rasberry ants are about 1/8 of an inch long, and reddish-brown in color. They are a slender looking ant with long antennae, long abdomens, and long legs. Rasberry ants are also described as being “hairy,” because they are covered with reddish-brown fuzz. They do not look glossy, like other ants, because of these body hairs.

Crazy Rasberry ants are from the Crazy ant group Paratrechina. These ants are well known for their rapid, erratic, non-linear movements. It’s almost humorous watching these ants move across the pavement. They look lost and confused. One thing that is not humorous about these ants is the destruction and danger they can cause.

Rasberry Ants Are Destructive & Dangerous

Rasberry ants are very destructive by nature. They are naturally attracted to electrical currents, causing them to fail by clogging up the switching mechanisms. These ants are frequently known to short out air conditioning units and even stop lights. There have been reports of Rasberry ants causing several thousand dollars in damage to homeowners and businesses.

Danger_Live_AntsOn top of being rather destructive, Rasberry ants are also dangerous. When a Crazy Rasberry ant is killed, a pheromone is released from its abdomen that signals other ants to respond. The other Rasberry ants respond all right, in huge numbers; attacking the threat. Just know that if you attempt to kill a few thousand Rasberry ants, millions more will show up to their funeral.

Rasberry Ant Control

Many areas in the Southwest US have some pockets of Rasberry ant infestations. These infestations make it uncomfortable for residents to enjoy time in their yards. Very aggravating!

Unfortunately, there are no effective over-the-counter products that consumers can buy to successfully treat Rasberry ants. The good news is that an ant control professional can help you with any ant problem, including Rasberry ants. Get help today!

Texas Ants

Kissing_AntsTexas is home to a variety of many different ant species. The main reason why there are so many ants in Texas is the weather. The weather in Texas never really drops down past a freezing temperature for a long period of time. This will allow the ants to live out of their colony or nest year round, and infest yards and homes.

What ants live in Texas? 

Some of the ants that live in Texas include: Carpenter ants, Crazy ants, Fire ants, Ghost ants, Little Black ants, Pharaoh ants, and Thief ants. All of theses ants have different habitats, but can pose a huge problem on you and your family if they infest your home.

Where do these ants live? 

Most ants will live on the outside of your home, but some will be found inside your home as well. On the outside of your home, ants will be found around concrete slabs, under rocks, walking stones, and piles of wood. On the inside of your home, ants can be found in almost every room. The way ants can do this is by living inside the walls of the home. The walls will provide protection for the ants year round. If the ants are in the walls of your home it will only get worse if they are not exterminated.

camponotus japonicusWho does Ant Control in Texas? 

There are many companies that will take care of ants in Texas, but Bulwark Exterminating technicians are specialized in ant control. They have been taking care of ants in homes for 20 years. Bulwark Exterminating will come check your whole property for ants. They will then place baits down and treat around the whole home. On the inside they will also bait, and place a product in to the walls that will ensure an ant free home.

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Pest Control- Friday Links Round-Up


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Pest Of The Week: The Tarantula Hawk Wasp


Tarantula Hawk WaspWith the second most powerful and painful sting known to man, the Tarantula Hawk Wasp is a pest you don’t want any part of… And neither does a tarantula!

The Tarantula Hawk Wasp gets its name because it hunts tarantulas to host their offspring. When a female Tarantula Hawk Wasp locates an unsuspecting tarantula, it will attack; stinging the tarantula. Almost immediately, the tarantula will become paralyzed from the wasp’s sting as it gets drug back to the wasp’s nest. The Tarantula Hawk Wasp will then deposit her eggs inside the paralyzed tarantula. Once the wasp’s offspring hatch, they will feed on the creamy insides of the still tarantula, essentially eating the poor spider from the inside out.

The massive Tarantula Hawk Wasp measures almost two inches long, and has a very dark blue body with rust-colored wings. The wasp has really long legs that are equipped with hooks used to wrestle with tarantulas.

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5 For Friday: This Week’s Links Round-Up 


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Pest Of The Week: The Soldier Beetle 

A soldier beetle (Cantharis livida). The soldi...

Extremely sought after by gardeners as a natural pest exterminator, adult Soldier beetles are an effective natural predator of garden pest insects; like aphids.

The Soldier beetle is sometimes referred to as a leatherwing, and is found worldwide. The insect got it’s name from it’s resemblance to a British soldier or “red coat.” Species in Britain are bright red. Typically, soldier beetles are black in color with orange highlights.

This beneficial insect will also eat nectar and pollen, along with it’s diet of aphids. If homeowners would like a healthy population of Soldier beetles to feed on aphids, just plant some nectar and pollen producing plants into your garden.


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Links Round-Up: 5 For Friday


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Pest Of The Week: Black Widow Spider


Female black widow spider guarding an egg case...
Female black widow spider guarding an egg case – Species Latrodectus mactans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the most recognizable, and perhaps the most feared, spiders in the United States is the Black Widow spider. This distinction comes from the female’s notoriously venomous bite. While the female Black Widow spider is generally shy in nature, she can become aggressive and bite when she is provoked, or when she is protecting her young. Her venom is one of the most potent venoms found on the planet. Only female Black Widows will bite humans. The males, who are brown and white in color, cannot bite because of their size.

The female Black Widow spider measures about 1/2 inch in length, with a shiny black body, long thin legs and large oval abdomen with a red “hourglass” pattern on the underside. Black Widows make their webs wherever there is water or other insects. They are common among the garages, patios, sheds, and storage areas of a home. Professional spider control methods are successfully used to eliminate them from around the home.