March Madness Bug Style

It’s that time of year again… The nation has succumbed to March Madness fever. With the NCAA basketball tournament underway this week, millions of us across the globe have carefully filled out our brackets; penciling in our alma-matters to the final four, confident who the next Cinderella team is going to be.

In fact, March Madness is so popular, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that employers will lose almost $2 billion dollars in productivity this year, as 60 million Americans are in the office streaming games, devouring bandwidth.

With college basketball in the air, the bug guys at Bulwark Exterminating had a little fun putting together a field of bug all-stars!

Just take a look at these all-star bug picks:

March Madness Bugs


While the thought of fielding a team of Kevin DurAnt, Hakeem oSpiderwon, Rajon Roacho, and Tim dScorpion is entertaining, there’s nothing humorous about having pests like ants, spiders, roaches, scorpions, or creepy crawlies of any kind in your home!

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Escape The Office: Pest Control Named To Top Jobs

Outdoor Pest ControlAre you tired of being stuck inside the office for forty plus hours a week while others are enjoying the fresh outdoor air? If so, than look no further then these eight outdoor jobs that will help you escape the office… Including Pest Management Technician and Termite Service Technician.

Pest Control Named One Of The Top Jobs To Escape Office

Fox Business recently came out with a list of the top eight jobs to help you escape the office, and both Pest Management Technician and Termite Service Technician made the list.

One of the main reasons why Pest Management Technician and Termite Service Technician made the list is because of the high job security. Every area of the country has to deal with pests like cockroaches, spiders, termites, bedbugs, rodents, and silverfish. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that pest control jobs will grow at a rate of 26% in the next decade; much more rapidly than other average occupations.

Another reason why Pest Management Technician and Termite Service Technician made the list is because workers can make a moderate living without needing a college degree. The average pest control worker makes $14.59 an hour, or $30,340. These numbers are significantly higher for experienced technicians.

The Top 8 Outdoor Jobs To Escape The Office

1. Landscape Architect
Median annual pay: $62,090
Job growth: 16%

2. Environmental Scientist
Median annual pay: $61,700
Job growth: 19%

3. Surveyor
Median annual pay: $54,880
Job growth: 25%

4. Mason
Median annual pay: $45,410
Job growth: 40%

5. Archaeologist
Median annual pay: $54,230
Job growth: 21%

6. Pest Management Technicians
Median annual pay: $30,340
Job growth: 26%

7. Termite Service Technicians
Median annual pay: $30,340
Job growth: 26%

8. Recreation Worker
Median annual pay: $22,260
Job growth: 19%

What Pest Management Or Termite Service Technician Do

Pest Management Technician

  • Inspect homes or buildings for signs of pests or pest infestation
  • Determine the nature of pest, infestation, and treatment needed to eliminate pests
  • Design and implement pest management plans
  • Spray or dust pesticides throughout homes and properties
  • Create barriers to prevent pests from entering a building
  • Set bait and traps to remove or kill pests
  • Drive trucks equipped with power spraying equipment
  • Educate property owners on additional steps and methods to eliminate pest

Termite Service Technician

  • Similar duties as a pest management technician
  • Highly trained to specialize in termite control
  • Use heavy equipment for drilling and digging trenches involved in resolving termite problems
  • Use chemicals and modify structures to eliminate termites and prevent future infestations
  • Repair structural damage caused by termites and build barriers to separate pests from their source of food
  • Termite fumigators use fumigants (pesticide gas) to treat serious infestations

Exterminator Spraying OutdoorsHow To Become A Pest Management Or Termite Service Technician

If you are interested in becoming a pest control technician you will need three things: (1) A high school diploma, (2) State licensing and (3) one to three months of on the job training. Additionally, many pest control companies require you to submit to a background check, drug test, and have a clean driving record.

Most pest control workers begin as technicians. After receiving general training, including training on pesticide use and safety, technicians can choose specialties such as rodent control, termite control, bedbug control, and fumigation.

Other important qualities needed to become a Pest Management or Termite Service Technician include: (1) physical strength and stamina as you are on your feet regularly in adverse conditions, (2) strong interpersonal communication skills as you converse with customers on a regular basis, (3) neat and clean appearance because you are the face of a company and regularly enter customer homes, and (4) detail oriented are you are dealing with toxic chemicals.

For More Info On Technicians and Termite Service Technicians

Learn more about Pest Management Technicians and Termite Service Technicians from The Bureau of Labor Statistics.

If you are in need of a high-quality pest or termite control technician look no further than Bulwark Exterminating.


How Much Does A Pest Control Technician Cost?

Pest Control TechnicianConsumers and pest control operators alike value their pest control technicians.

For the consumer, a skilled and attentive technician keeps their families safe from dangerous pests like stinging scorpions, poisonous Black Widow spiders, and disease carrying cockroaches. This VALUE is immeasurable but in terms of a monetary COST; it’s about $50 a month, depending on the size of a home, location, and treatment methods.

For the pest control operator, a reliable and experienced technician creates immense value for the company. A high-quality technician retains customers through their expertise and superior customer service. This value and monetary cost is a little more challenging to calculate, but really got me thinking: How much does it cost to replace an excellent pest control technician?

What It Costs To Replace A Pest Control Technician

Financial costs reportDetermining what it costs to replace a pest control technician is a difficult task, especially since there are so many different variables. These direct cost calculations are a very rough estimate. The dollar figures used come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which estimates the average pest control tech makes $14.59 hour; and pest control manager makes about $50K a year. These are the numbers I went by.

Please note that these figures are direct costs only. There are many more indirect costs like: loss of productivity while other techs run partial routes, lost manager and supervisor productivity, and a drop of customer satisfaction due to a temporary loss of customer service or even losing their once favorite tech. These indirect costs are nearly impossible to calculate.

Want Ads. In order to replace an old technician, you need to find a new one. An online pest control technician want ad runs about $40.00.

Interview Process. Management must spend time going through applicant resumes and conducting 30 minute interviews. I estimate this to be about a half day’s work/ salary ($50K yr/ 260 work days yr/ 2 for half day = about $100). Multiply this by two, because two managers are usually present for interviews. $200.00.

HR Administrative Time. After hiring an employee, a company must get them ready for the work force. This includes, collecting records, on auto insurance, gas cards, company phone, etc. I figure this is about a half days work ($50K yr/ 260 work days yr/ 2 for half day). About $100.00.

Background Checks. Make sure your new hire is safe to send into your customer’s homes. $36.00.

Driving Records. Make sure your new hire is safe on the roads. $15.00.

Licensing. Each new technician needs to be licensed. This is about $50.00.

Uniforms. Five shirts ($30 each), uniform hat ($40), uniform jacket ($60), protective boots ($100) and individual technician manual/treatment guide ($100). This equates to $330.00. Note: some PCO’s require new technicians to purchase these.

Training. A new technician requires 2-3 weeks of paid training. This training includes working on-site while a manager or supervisor is present. Calculating the paid training ($14.59/hr for 3 weeks @ 40 hrs a week = $1750.00), plus three weeks of a manager’s or supervisor’s time/salary (Approx $1000 a week for 3 weeks = $3,000), equates to $4750.00.

Technician Overtime. Overtime that goes to technicians who are covering the vacant route also need to be factored in. If the vacant tech was working 40 hrs a week, then I figure about 40 hours of overtime for all other staffed technicians, per week ($14.59 an hr @ time and a half multiplied by 40 = $875.00). If it takes a month to hire and train a new technician, you’re looking at $3500.00 in overtime paid to other techs covering the vacant route.


Want Ads–   $40.00
Interview Process–   $200.00
HR Administrative Time–  $100.00
Background Checks–   $36.00
Driving Records–   $15.00
Licensing–   $50.00
Uniforms–   $330.00
Training–   $4750.00
Technician Overtime-   $3500.00

Total:   $9021.00

WOW! When factoring in direct costs alone, it costs $9021 to replace a pest control technician. That’s a significant hit! If the average technician makes $30,340 per year, the financial hit is about 109 days of a technician’s pay. This doesn’t even take in to account any indirect costs of losing a technician.

Pest Control home inspectionThe Value Of A Good Technician To The Consumer

For customers of pest control services, your home is your castle. It’s also your biggest investment. A good pest control technician protects this investment from destructive pests like termites and Carpenter ants.

A quality pest control technician also keeps your family safe from dangerous pests like stinging scorpions, poisonous Black Widow spiders, and disease carrying cockroaches.

A first-class technician will do all of this, all while being punctual. You are busy and need a technician to be on time. An excellent technician is somebody you can trust; somebody you feel comfortable letting inside your home and around your family. They make you feel safe, and not just from the bugs. On top of it all, a good technician is somebody you have rapport with; somebody you can talk to about your day.

There is immense value in having a good pest control technician.

Pest Control Technician SprayingThe Value Of A Good Technician To The Employer

We already determined the cost of replacing a good technician. It’s just over $9000. The VALUE of a good technician is something completely different.

Pest control technicians are the face and image of your company. They are face-to-face with your customer daily; customers who rely heavily on first impressions. Good pest control technicians create value. They are the first ones you send to service troubled accounts. They get excellent online reviews. They have high customer retention rates. They are reliable, dependable, punctual, and keep your customers satisfied.

Not only do good pest control technicians add value to your business, they are the backbone!

What It Costs Keeping A Bad Tech Too Long

We determined that good pest control technicians are extremely valuable to both consumers and pest control operators alike. It’s also a big financial hit to replace a technician ($9021); But bad technicians are equally bad for business.

We’ve all seen it before in the business world… An employee who is unproductive, burnt out, and ready for a change. For PCO’s these employees have both direct and indirect costs associated with them as well. Low productivity, bad company morale or culture, and lost customers are some of the costs that come to mind. Sometimes pest control operators hold on to bad employees too long, because they don’t want to have to hire a new tech (with accompanying costs). As for a direct monetary number associated with these bad pest control technicians; that’s another blog post for another day. I’m guessing it’s comparable to the costs associated to losing a good technician.

What It All Means

Pest control technicians are very valuable to both the pest control operator, and to the consumer.

For pest control operators, technicians are the backbone of your business. Maximum effort must be utilized to not only hire these good technicians, but to retain them. The old saying goes, hire tough, manage easy. Do this, and retain your technicians through compensation and motivation, and you’ll be one step closer to succeeding in business.

For pest control consumers, let your technician know how much they are valued. Give them a good review on Yelp or Angie’s List. There isn’t a lot of glory in keeping you free from dangerous pest, but these excellent pest control technicians show up everyday and work hard, so you can live pest free.