Walnuts Increase Memory and Learning

Walnuts have been called a super food before, but Are you Forgetting something?

Super Nut
Super Food attributed to Fighting Flu and Increasing Memory and Learning... in mice.

Better down a couple more of these Scooby Snacks. According to the report given on July 10, 2010 at the International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease (ICAD) in New York, mice that eat walnuts are showing results that suggest walnuts could improve brain function. The research however is only being carried out on mice. (Thus the reason your pest control guy found it first) Mice that included walnuts in their diet showed “significant improvement in learning, memory, emotional regulation and motor coordination compared to the mice with no walnuts in their diet.” However, we cannot conclude that it will have the same results in humans, until we have had further studies.

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But don’t be shy in trying this out.  The Walnuts possess many other Super Food attributes.  The are high in antioxidants, with a good dose of healthy fatty acids, and a sprinkle of copper.  According to one super food diet you should grab a handful of these nuts each and every day!

How many should I eat per day?
Grab your nutcracker and eat six.



Bulwark Exterminating is happy to endorse the walnut. All Natural, totally nutty, and wrapped in a lot of potential.  That’s a pretty big package for one small nut.

…And you may want to reconsider using walnuts in your mouse traps.  You’d only be helping your enemy get smarter.

Why use baits instead of sprays?

There are a number of reasons to use baits over sprays.  One of which is that many insects (i.e. cockroaches, crickets, spiders, and ticks) may have quicker reflexes then you. So trying to spray them with a can of RAD may not hit them. But there is even a better reason to use baits. Baits have a great transfer rate. And if the family of bugs shares the bait then you will knock out the entire colony! So baits are often the better choice. Just sit back and relax. Let the bait do its magic. Sure it may take a little longer for that roach to turn upside, but when dealing with a roach problem wouldn’t rather have 1000 dead roaches over 1 sprayed roach? Just thought you’d like to know.

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