Ants and Bees

A customer that I serviced in Litchfield Park had a problem with ants and bees coming in and out of her dog’s water dish.  She had ants all over her front yard.  I took the time to follow the trail of ants leading to a dirt area outside their lawn.  These ants had to of been traveling over 50 to 70 feet just to get to her house.  I sprayed the curbing were the ants were trailing and around their hill with termidor.  I told her that the treatment may take up to 3 days in order for it to fully work.  As far as the bees were concern, I looked around and could not find a hive.  The bees were just coming in and out for a drink, but I still wanted to help her keep the bees out of her dog’s dish.  I told her of a trick I learned in scouts.  I told her she could make an easy bee trap with a 2 liter soda bottle.  She needed to leave a little soda in the bottle and cut the top of the bottle off with a knife.  The top needs to be turned upside down and put into the top of the bottle.  The idea was to attract the bees to the soda instead of the dog’s dish.  It worked and some bees were trapped in the soda bottle.

Jameson Hunter

Phoenix Branch

Ant Video – Pest Control for Ants

Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

Why do ants walk in a line?
How many types of ants are in an ant colony?
How long does a queen ant live?
How do you get rid of ants?

All of these questions are covered by Adam the Ant Guru in the video above. Its a great video especially now as ants are out and about and marching. Especially those pesky Texas crazy ants. Pest control operators need to know how to deal with these pests. Ants are tricky. Considering that only 20% of the ants will ever leave the colony, you better make sure that your not overly excited when you kill only the ants that you see. The ants that you don’t see are 4 times as numerous!

Other interesting things about ants:

The harvester ants venom is more toxic pound per pound then scorpion venom and rattle snake venom, and yes individuals have died from these ant bites.

Carpenter ants are nocturnal, and colonies can have thousands of reproductive carpenter ants that will spread out to form new colonies if the mother colony is threatened. And since they are active in the middle of the night, you may never even know they are there, or that they moved.

The Fire Ant queen can produce 3,000 new ant eggs a day!

If you’ve got ants then don’t just go with pest control, Get Ant Control!

What’s a group of ants called?

What’s a group of ants called? An Ant Colony.

Does that question seem a little funny to you as a pest control operator?

Its important as a PCO to realize where many people are coming from. “What is a group of ants called” is searched on Google daily! Whenever addressing a customers concerns make sure that you are speaking to them in a way that they understand. Pest control jargon may be easy for you to understand but you will quickly disconnect with your customer if you don’t see it from their point of view.

More in depth answer to “What is a group of ants called”-

A group of ants is called a colony. Ant colonies are also referred to as ant nests and ant families. Because ants travel together in a line a group may also be called an ant army. But in general a group of ants is a colony as a group of birds is a flock, and a group of cows is a herd. So colony is the correct answer.

To Learn more click here: A video on ant colonies

Why do ants walk in a straight line?

Ant Season is Here!

The 2009 Ant Season has officially arrived. We are now receiving ant control requests from all over the US. Fire Ants, Harvester Ants, Carpenter Ants, and the new annoying Raspberry Ants. A few tips and things to remember when dealing with ants…

1- Most Sprays have an odor that will detour ants, but this doesn’t mean it will kill them. These sprays act as repellents, and therefore only keep the ants at bay. Further using such sprays may cause ant colonies to bud out and create more colonies.

2- Ant baits should be specific to the ants you are treating. Ants and their diets differ by the ant species and the time of year. So what an ant eats will depend on both the ant species and the season. This is referred to as bait acceptability or bait acceptance.

3- Your best bet is to keep the ants out of the house entirely with a regular pest control service.


While sitting in front of my computer screen thinking about what I was going to write about next; I watch a small little row of ants walk along the edge of my desk. Instinctively, the first thing I do is try to identify the pest. When dealing with ants it can be very hard to determine the specific type of ant based on its different physical characteristics unless you have a magnifying glass available or have the “eye of a hawk” as me and my cousins used to call it. I have read many books that would say this ant is this color, and that ant is this color, etc; but I have found that in the real world trying to distinguish based on color is quite a dreadful task as different types of ants can be within the same color ranges. Here are some characteristics about different ants that may help you identify your home’s native ant-lings. (Did I go there…yes I did; Ant-lings…LOL.)

Pharaoh Ant: Primarily indoors, known for splitting into different colonies, sometimes found in wounds of hospital patients.

Carpenter Ant: The largest, Biggest, humongous, enormous fellers. (Exaggeration)

Harvester Ant: Known for producing mounds with entry points that are at least approximately 2 inches in diameter.

Pavement Ant: Generally will reside under or around pavement.

Argentine Ant: Also a very popular ant, known for producing super colonies…these infestations can grow rapidly.

Odorous House Ants: When crushed emit a coconut like smelling odor.

Red Imported Fire Ant: These ants are very aggressive and secrete a toxin when biting. These ants are what we refer to as a “quarantined” species; so if you think you have come across them contact your local department of agriculture etc for removal. Each case is required to be documented and handled in a specific fashion.

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