3 Wild Movies About Killer Ants

TweetTweet Ants are bad enough to have to deal with when they’re normal sized; blow them up to giants and they’re downright horrifying. Ants have long been the subject for giant insect horror flicks, possibly because they’re already creepy and crawly in their own right. Ants are hard to kill and they just seem toRead More

Homeowners Insurance Doesn’t Cover Termite Damage

TweetTweet Homeowners Insurance Doesn’t Cover Termite Damage– Are You Protected? A typical homeowners insurance policy generally doesn’t include coverage for termite damage. Most likely you’re not protected. Are You Protected From Termites? Termites will travel over a football field looking for food. Termites have been in the forest for thousands of years before you builtRead More

Friday Favorites: Your Links Round-Up Of Pest Articles


TweetTweet Your Homes Curb Appeal Could Be Attracting Pests It’s important to pay attention to what implications your home’s curb appeal and landscaping can have for your yearly pest prevention. Here are some helpful landscaping tips to deter pests: http://www.westernpest.com/blog/your-homes-curb-appeal-could-be-attracting-pests/ Preventing Ants Is An Ongoing Task Check out these helpful tips from our Rose exterminatorsRead More