3 Wild Movies About Killer Ants

Ants are bad enough to have to deal with when they’re normal sized; blow them up to giants and they’re downright horrifying. Ants have long been the subject for giant insect horror flicks, possibly because they’re already creepy and crawly in their own right. Ants are hard to kill and they just seem to keep coming back in droves. Below are some giant insect B-flicks that are a must-see, featuring your all-time creepy, crawly nemesis: The Ant.

1. THEM! (1954)

Cover of "Them! (Snap Case)"

This is the movie that started it all – THEM! This giant ant flick takes place in the New Mexico desert, where we learn that earlier atomic testing caused the ants in the area to mutate into ginormous, killer ants. The characters in this film must stop the ants in the desert – but they soon learn that two queen ants have flown to Los Angeles and are setting up a colony right under the city! When two children go missing, the protagonists instill the help of the U.S. Army to help them destroy the colony – but will they reach the children in time? Hokey special effects, character acting and dialogue that is typical to the film’s time period create an enduring experience. You can’t beat the experience of children being kidnapped by giant ants. THEM! Is a must-see for anyone who enjoys giant mutant bug flicks.

2. Empire of the Ants (1977)

Empire of the Ants (film)

In this sci-fi horror flick starring Joan Collins and Robert Lansing, Collins plays a sleazy scam artist attempting to sell phony real estate deals in the Florida everglades. What she – and the schmucks who fall for her scam – don’t realize is that the area has been taken over… by giant ants! This campy flick features poor special effects, schlocky characters, and ridiculous dialogue. Be prepared for a laugh when you watch Empire of the Ants!

3. Glass Trap (2005)

Cover of "Glass Trap"

Starring former ’80s child heartthrob C. Thomas Howell, Glass Trap tells the story of an army of radioactive ants that get unwittingly carted into a skyscraper. A group of people, led by C. Thomas Howell, must find a way to escape the horror of being trapped in a skyscraper with giant mutant ants, lest they be eaten one by one. The ants in this flick are so horribly fake looking that it’s pretty much impossible to get scared, even when they are devouring the characters.

Ants are creepy enough as it is without imagining them at a mutant size. While these ants flicks are hokey – as most giant mutant bug movies are – they also have a charm to them that makes them enduring. If you’re feeling like a laugh along with your evening thrill, definitely check out these ant flicks – you’ll find it interesting how the killer mutant ant transforms over time… or you’ll be surprised to see how little they’ve changed.

About the author: Chris is a blogger for a New Jersey pest control company. He used to enjoy horror flicks, including cheesy B films, when he was young but no longer has a stomach for them.

Three Superheroes Inspired by Insects

Superheroes are a big part of our culture. Comic book and movie fans love to see someone come into the scene and just decimate the bad guys. Superheroes get their abilities from a number of different sources, including the insect world. These three superheroes are among the more widely known and popular of the bug-inspired superheroes of the comic world.

The Human Fly

The Human Fly

Not well known by anyone other than long-term fans of the Marvel Comics Universe, the Human Fly is actually two characters. One is a super villain who paired off against Spiderman, and the other is a Superhero who starred in his own comic book series from 1977 to 1979. The Human Fly had developed most of his abilities after a car accident that left most of his skeletal structure replaced with steel. He endured years of physical therapy and training to recover his strength. In the process he developed extra strength, the ability to withstand hard falls and blows, and became a master aerialist, gymnast and expert in hand-to-hand combat. The Human Fly’s name comes from his great skill in the air.



The Spiderman is perhaps one of the most popular and well-known superheroes with insect abilities. This character was first introduced in 1962 and has enjoyed a long, almost continuous career fighting villains ever since. Spiderman developed his abilities after being bitten by a radioactive spider in a University research lab. His abilities include increased strength, speed, stamina, and endurance, increased ability to regenerate, ability to cling to walls and ceilings with ease, increased intellect, a precognitive ability called, “spideysense”, and the ability to spin and shoot webs from glands in his wrists. The Spiderman’s most notable wall clinging and web spinning abilities are where he gets his name.


Wasp & Ant-man

The Wasp & Ant-Man

Fans of the Ant-man know that the Wasp is his girlfriend and eventual wife in a number of Marvel Comics including, Avengers and Marvel Features. She received her powers from Ant-man who had developed a formula capable of giving humans the ability to shrink and grow to almost any size. The pair had a long and troubled relationship fraught with danger and emotional difficulties. Both derived their names from the ability to shrink to a very small size, and the ability to communicate with insects and get them to do their bidding. The Wasp also grew wings when she shrunk to the size of a wasp and could fly. The Wasp could also emit bio-electric shocks to stun others, similar to a kind of wasp’s sting. Both retained their human strength even at small sizes.

These few heroes are not the only ones in the comic book world to get their inspiration from insects. The three above are among the more popular heroes with abilities directly related to insects. Lots of heroes have tried their hands at insect names and strengths from the Mosquito, to the Black Widow.

About the author: Chris is a marketing manager for a connecticut pest control company.


Published By Thomas Ballantyne