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Hello 2009…1 year Anniversary…Blog Pest Control Dot Com: To My Pest Control Wife

Wow…2008 is officially a thing of the past.  I am excited about the possibilities for 2009 and hope that it brings each of us the true desires of our hearts.  Life is a precious thing and 2008 has made it a point to add emphasis to things that I should be grateful for.  First and foremost I am grateful for my wife.  She is the secret of my success and has to bare the majority of the load of rearing our children.  My wife and I have been married for nearly eight years and I must say that although challenging at times, our union has borne the greatest fruit. With… Read More

Pests: Why an annual contract?

Time and time again I receive questions regarding the relevance of an annual agreement for pest control services.  To better answer these questions I feel behooved to put pest control issues within the context of an average pest control customer.  Obviously each pest control customer is different; but there are a few basic assumptions that should be made when one is found to be in need of pest control. First and foremost when someone recognizes their need for pest control it generally means that their “specific” threshold for tolerance towards unwanted pests has been exceeded or is on the brink of tolerance.  Secondly, pests are often in a cycle of… Read More

Wood Destroying Pests (Termite) Inspection Specifics

The specifics straight down to the nitty gritty: External Inspection: In general; places where there is moisture or cellulose. Drainage: Water troughs that run along side your roofs and into down spouts; should be contiguous. Natural flow of water away from your foundation. Like your roof, the ground surrounding your foundation should be slightly sloped to allow water to flow away from your foundation and ultimately to a civic drainage system. Water damage to the external walls; paint discoloration; molds, moldy smell etc. Water (hose) outlets: Leaking? Water Buildup permeating the foundation? Adequate drainage from the foundation? Cellulose deposits: Firewood? Anything with cellulose. How is Cellulose materials stored? Off of… Read More

Pest Control Myth #3

The busiest time of the year for the Pest Control Industry is mostly during the summer months. Pest activity increases in the spring and peaks in the summer months. Pest Control Myth #3 revolves around the assumption that Pest Control is only needed during these times. Of course the premise of my position excludes tropical and sub-tropical habitats that may be considered conducive for pests year-round. The major reason why Pest Control is going to be needed more and more year-round in areas where there exists an “off-peak” season for pests is because of Human Intervention. The decrease in pest activity or an off-peak season is primarily due to pest… Read More