Top 17 Must Watch Spider Scenes From Movies

8 Legged Freaks

What do you get when you put spiders on the big screen? Movie magic! Whether you are petrified of these eight-legged creepy crawlies, or marvel at their ingenuity and abilities; Hollywood has capitalized on the raw emotion spiders evoke in audiences young and old. This has led to some of the most memorable, must watch spider scenes in the history of cinema.

Here are the top ten must watch spider scenes from movies:

#17. Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981)

One of the most brilliant movies of my childhood was Raiders of the Lost Ark; with one of the most memorable movie scenes as well. It’s one of many that just stick with you. This scene will make you almost lose consciousness for a few reasons. To begin with, how do that many tarantulas end up on both of their backs? They did walk through a giant web, but tarantulas don’t live in webs. How’d they get on their backs? Secondly, the spiders on Indy’s back are terrifying, but when the guide turns around and seems to have twice the amount that Indy did… Oh my!

#16. Arachnophobia-Slipper Scene (1990)

#15. The Amazing Spiderman (2012)

When it comes to memorable spider scenes, how could we leave out the scene in which Spiderman actually becomes the web-slinging hero we know him to be!?! The tougher decision was choosing between the 2002 version with Tobey Maguire, or the more recent 2012 installment with Andrew Garfield.

#14. Coraline (2009)

#13. 8 Legged Freaks (2002)

Sticking with the theme of eight, like eight legs, what’s more fitting for our next selection than 8 Legged Freaks? Giant spiders attack a small Arizona town. Assortments of horrific venomous spiders get exposed to a toxic chemical that causes them to develop and grow to mammoth proportions. Really bad CGI, and blood and guts galore, make this a cult classic. Since there are just too many spider kill scenes to recount, enjoy this very bloody compilation of spider scenes from the film.

#12. Megamind (2010)

I had to throw in this particular spider scene in, just because I remember it made me literally laugh-out-loud the first time I saw it!

#11. Spiderman (2002)

#10. Charlotte’s Web (1973)

Not every spider scene on our list has to be creepy! How many of you have ever had a spider tug at your heart strings?

#9. Krull (1983)

Have you ever had that nightmare where you’re trapped in a spiderweb, as a giant spider creeps slowly toward you? Well, the spider scene in Krull is your nightmare personified!

#8. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug- Spider Forest (2013)

#7. Jungle 2 Jungle (1997)

This spider scene is always good for a laugh!

#6. Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (2002)

In one of the most memorable scenes in Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, or perhaps a scene you wish you could forget if you happen to be petrified of spiders, Harry goes to Aragog (the giant talking spider) to prove Hagrid didn’t open the chamber of secrets. Aragog tells his kids (the hoards of other spiders) that he will not deny them fresh meat, and to indulge! Watch as the spiders rain down on Harry and Ron.

#5. Arachnaphobia- Shower Scene (1990)

#4. Stephen King’s The Mist (2007)

*Warning- Language Not Suitable For Work. One of the most horrific spider scenes ever shot, and a favorite of horror enthusiasts everywhere, is the spider pharmacy scene in Stephen King’s The Mist. Watch as a trapped group of survivalists stumble upon a huge web. Inside the web, they discover a poor schmuck trapped in the web with baby spiders hatching and ripping him apart from the inside. It gets worse! Hoards of spiders, which act more like and hungry pack of wolves, unleash hell on the group. The scene truly is something out of a nightmare!

#3. Lords of the Rings: Return Of The King (2003)

Meet Shelob, the giant spider! Movie makers can sure make one creepy, hellacious, giant spider… The kind that moves fast, has foot-long fangs, plenty of eyes, hair, and even a stinger. Watch the spider get the best of Frodo, only to have Sam save the day!

#2. Home Alone (1990)

Just when you thought Harry and Marv have had enough in Home Alone; chasing Kevin through his torturous “funhouse,” Kevin still has one more surprise for the two wet bandits… A giant spider! Watch as Harry (Joe Pesci) takes a spider to the face and Marv (Daniel Stern) takes a crowbar to the chest, all while Kevin makes his final escape!

#1. Arachnophobia- Final Scene (1990)

The number one most memorable must watch spider scenes in all of cinema is from none other than Arachnophobia. Truthfully, you could probably select the whole movie as a memorable spider scene, as movie stole the heart of millions of film lovers when it got released in 1990. The movie is an accurate depiction of what truly makes spiders scary to so many.

A recently discovered spider from Venezuela is accidentally brought to a small American town, breeding with local spiders. This creates a new race of poisonous spiders that begin killing off town residents one at a time. Jeff Daniels overcomes his fear of spiders as he battles them to their death. John Goodman makes for one heck of an exterminator.

The creep-you-out-of-your-pants scene is at the end, when all the spiders leave the nest and infest Jeff Daniels’ house– spreading all over the walls, the door, the TV, spewing out of the sink drain, up under the doorknobs, under the doors, hanging down from the ceiling. In the film, they’re so poisonous that one bite will kill you in five seconds. Daniels pitches over the stairs and crashes into the basement, where Big Mama and Daddy are nesting. I also included a few other very memorable scenes.

Well there you have it! The top ten must watch spider scenes from movies. There were so many memorable scenes to choose from. Some honorable mentions include: Arachnid, Coraline, Kingdom of the Spiders, The Thing, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Nothing to Lose, Son of Godzilla, James and the Giant Peach, The Incredible Shrinking Man, The Beyond, Dr. No, Tarantula, and This Night I Will Possess Your Corpse.

What did you think of the top ten must watch spider scenes from movies?

Becoming Spiderman: Unlocking The Secrets Of Spider Silk


Spiderman And His Amazing Spider Silk 

Every boy growing up watched in amazement as Spiderman was able to shoot webs from his wrists; pulling endangered motorist’s cars off of bridges before they fell hundreds of feet into icy water. 

Crooks and bad guys, even those with superhuman strength, were tied up by Spiderman’s webs. Wonderment filled our heads, as we watched all the many possibilities of spider silk. 

I remember wishing I could shoot those powerful spider webs at a schoolyard bully or be able to effortlessly swing from my house to a tree branch. 

A Century’s Old Question 

Apparently I am not the only one who has wanted to unleash the secrets of spider silk. 

For decades, scientists have been studying spider silk hoping to unlock its mysteries and apply this knowledge to real world application. 

Scientists are now closer than ever to answering the question, 

“How does a spider spin a web of silk that is five times stronger, on a weight-to-strength basis, than steel; and how can we manufacture it?”

The Strength of Spider Silk
The Strength of Spider Silk (Photo credit: BlueRidgeKitties)

The Strength Of Spider Silk 

Spider silk is five times stronger, on a weight-to-strength basis, than steel with about 1/6th the density. 

Here’s a real world example displaying the strength of silk:

An 1881 Tombstone, Arizona gun fight gave us all an idea of just how strong real silk is. George Emery Goodfellow, a doctor of the times in Tombstone, AZ was examining the deceased after a gunfight. One of the men involved had taken a couple bullets to the chest, but the Dr. Goodfellow couldn’t find a single drop of blood on the man. As he removed his clothing he found a silk handkerchief holding two smashed bullets. Although the man has still died because of the force of the bullets, the silk handkerchief stopped the bullets from piercing the man’s chest.

Solving The Mysteries of Spider Silk

Over the last ten years scientists have unlocked a few portions of the spider silk puzzle, and hope to replicate it. We now know the key proteins used by spiders to spin their silk. Unfortunately, scientists have been unable to translate this knowledge into a technique that would enable the industrial-scale manufacturing of synthetic spider silk that is as powerful as the real stuff. 

The problem has always been fairly fundamental. While scientists understood the substances or proteins used by these ingenious spiders, they couldn’t figure out the mechanics of how spiders combine those proteins to make spider silk. When they tried it in their labs, they got inferior products… Until now! 

It turns out that a key part of the answer to this complex question is really pretty simple. It’s all in the timing… The timing of tiny globular structures. 

Tiny Globular Structures

Scientist recently stumbled upon some unusual spider silk features, and a big part of the secret. These features happened to be tiny globular structures called “micelles” which when combined together formed larger and larger gel-like structures. These micelles happened to be the precursors to silk fibers. 

Scientists now believe that they can take these micelles, and add some non-silk polymers to it to enlarge them and manufacture spider silk… But there is still one challenge. 

The Next Challenge

Spiders control the water content of the gel to prevent the proteins from crystallizing until they are ready to spin the silk fibers. If the proteins crystallized too soon, the process would fail. Scientists are still trying to unlock this last part of the spider silk puzzle and replicate the process that nature has provided. 

Look at That Spider-Man Go!
Look at That Spider-Man Go! (Photo credit: The Rocketeer)

Real World Applications of Manufactured Spider Silk: Inspired By Spiderman 

  • Quick urban travel by rapidly firing thin strands of spider silk from building to building
  • Biomedical devices like artificial tendons and ligaments
  • Artificial skin for burn victims
  • Binding captured criminals with a webbing
  • Bomb stopping bulletproof vests
  • Biodegradable bottles and packaging
  • Blindfold an opponent with a thick blob of spider silk
  • A super strong spider silk polymer for high performance aircraft or motor vehicles
  • Super strong ropes, nets, seat belts, and parachutes
  • A massive web cast across a street or alley to snare rapidly-moving persons or vehicles

Going Forward

Spiders are amazing creatures, and so is the silk they spin. Let’s hope scientists can figure out the last few pieces of the spider silk puzzle, so we can all live out our childhood fantasies of becoming Spiderman!