Surprise at the door

In July of 2004 I came to this company with an understanding that Bulwark was a customer service company first and pest control company second.  Little did I know they actually meant it; on my second day of on the job training here in Austin Texas I was paired up with Silvestre Loera.  He made the day great, but he stressed how it was important to start your day on time and get to your first house promptly.  He also showed me after that the first service you could go get breakfast tacos, which I thought funny due to he was stressing right before to be on time. As the day went on he proceeded to provide great customer service to every customer we serviced.  I was thinking wow, great company, I made a great choice coming to work here.  Then we came to a customers house where Silvestre gave new meaning to customer service.  I was standing at the door beside Silvestre when we rang the door bell.  What happened next seemed very strange to me, but not at all to Silvestre. A man answered the door wearing nothing but a hand towel around his waist, hairy chest and all showing to Silvestre and myself. I was ready to walk off but Silvestre talked to the man as if nothing were wrong and proceeded to listen to the mans every need.  He even offered to go inside and treat if needed, which the man did require. I was taken by surprise that the customer service mentality at this company was that deep, because to be honest that was my 7th overall day at bulwark and I was ready to quit. Overall the experience is one I won’t forget and says a lot about what is instilled in the employees at Bulwark by the owners, managers, and technicians.

Robert Morales Jr
Austin Texas

Chance encounter

Unique story-  Rodney Crumpton

This week I was running a route in Chandler, in an area I was assigned to as a missionary in 2001.   One of my stops was Susan Powell.  I didn’t recognize the name at first but the memories came back as I was driving down the gravel road to a family’s house I had become good friends with during my stay in Chandler 8 years ago.  When Mrs. Powell came to the door I let her know that I was with Bulwark but that I had been to her house before and she had fed me dinner about 8 years ago.  She reached back into her memory bank and asked me my name and when I told her my last name, her face lit up and she quickly invited me in to see her wall of family pictures with her grown children and grandchildren.  After we caught up, I told her that I was impressed that she had been with Bulwark for over 5 years on a monthly treatment plan.  She said that Bulwark has always been great no matter who she talked with on the phone or at her home.  And that they almost never see a bug inside their house.  As an employee at Bulwark since 2000 this was a very rewarding experience, I hope to continue to serve the Powell’s and other families that are as delightful as they are.

I like my job

It was my second year as a pest control technician and was beginning to realize how much I enjoyed my job.  As a pest control technicians we are trusted to serve our customers to the best of our ability, in a kind, courteous way and we have a lot of freedom in how we accomplish this.  We have all day to complete our services and are often given opportunity throughout the day to earn more money.  I enjoyed all of this, but one day I realized that killing bugs was easy, I was enjoying the time I had to interact with our customer.  I would find myself almost daily impressed with the unique and amazing people we serve.  I have met NFL quarterbacks, World War 2 Heros, City Mayor’s, and even an Aid to the President of the United States.  All this was great but one day I met a little boy that couldn’t have been more than 9 years old.  He was in his pajamas and I was working late and tired.  This boy asked me “Do you like your job?”  I thought for a moment as I screwed an outlet cover plate to the wall I had just treated.  Then I responded that “I do like my job.  I get to meet nice people, see beautiful homes and landscaping, and most of all I get to make your home a safer, better place to live.”  This little boy looked at me with a look that expressed to me he really only wanted a yes or no answer and walked away.  I was left with a new goal at every customers home.

Wayne Bryant

Las Vegas, NV

Hero for a day

I got a call from the office one late afternoon to go to this customer’s house where there was a spider on her ceiling.  She said she couldn’t leave the house until we got rid of the spider.  So I hurried up and got over there to take care of it for her. Well when I got there the door was open, so I announced myself and I heard her say “come in quick he’s getting away!” I entered quickly and she was pointing at the ceiling showing me where it was. She looked to be very frightened and upset about this spider. I looked at where she was pointing and saw what appeared to be a female wolf spider with about 200 babies on her back! She had every right to be scared.  If those babies were to leave their mom while they were in the house, the whole house would become infested. So I quickly ran out to my truck and grabbed a can of d foam and ran back inside. The spider had stopped moving and the babies were still intact. So I crept up on it until I was about three feet away ready my can, took close aim and sprayed. My plan had worked. They were covered in foam and unable to flee. So I quickly gathered them up with a paper towel that was in my other hand. Needless to say her problem was solved.

She said I was her Hero! …I was her hero! Feels good to be considered a hero.

Adam MacFarlane
Las Vegas

Searching out the Source

One day I went to a Peoria home for a call back service.  The family said that they were hearing crickets in their bathroom and they couldn’t figure out exactly where they were coming from.  They were getting annoyed and weren’t able to sleep at night.  I first started inside the house looking around the bathroom.  I noticed a compartment in the cupboards under the sink.  It opened up into space underneath their tub.  When I took out the screws and opened up this door, I noticed cricket droppings all over the inside of this space.  I treated the inside of the space with delta dust and Cy-kick.  I also looked on the outside of the house where the bathroom wall is.  I saw more cricket droppings in the rocks underneath the J rails.  I pulled out some  hose and started spraying around that area, flooding out tons of crickets.  They were literally hopping all over the place.  This was definitely the spot where the crickets wanted to make their home.  The customer was very appreciated of the fact that I search out the source of the crickets.  Her problem was solved in one service and they were finally able to have a nice relaxing night of sleep.

Jameson Hunter

Phoenix branch

Cross Spider

I had a conversation with one of our customers, an older gentleman, who called about a spider that had spun a web between two bushes in his yard. He said didn’t see the spider at first so he flicked a cigarette butt onto the web, and the spider quickly leaped out and attacked it.  He was shocked at the bright color, letting me know it had yellow and black stripes.  He also said it only looked like it had four legs, but it was definitely a spider.  He wanted to know what I knew about this particular spider, and what we could do about it.  I told him I really didn’t know much that species particularly, and told him he could try to research it online.  He joked that he was too old to attempt that, so I offered to look it up for him.  I discovered that the spider in his yard was a St. Andrews Cross Spider.  I let him know that it’s not poisonous, and not normally aggressive.  He was very grateful that I took the time to look up the species of his strange “four-legged” spider, and he was excited to tell people about it.  He wanted to know what we can do about spiders, so I offered to schedule a spider treatment around his home.  At first he declined, but a day later he called to schedule the treatment.


St. George