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The roaches built that!

I went to this house in the run down part of town to do an emergency service.  It seemed like the tenants have issues with their rental home.  All five of them sat outside the house with luggage bags in tow when I showed up.  Unfortunately none of them spoke English fluently.  In broken sentences and hand signals, I gather that they were just in the middle of moving in when they noticed that all is not well.  The husband who had been quiet all this time suddenly burst out and said, “The roaches built that!” pointing to the house.  So I proceeded to do the service and was just… Read More

Las Cucarachas

My name is Luke and this story is about my first day on the job 2 years ago. I was an eager young lad ready for some hard work and had just been hired by the Atlanta Branch as a field technician. Like most employees on their first day out in the field, I was both nervous and excited. One of my advisors, Ben Montez, had just taught me how to drive a stick shift and I was ready to conquer the world. Picking up my paper work, I read through for the challenges of the next day so I could make sure I had everything I needed. A couple… Read More

Drawing the line

My name is Jay Tankersley and I am a Service Manager for Bulwark Exterminating located in the Raleigh, N.C. branch. I was filling in for one of our field technicians when the following incident took place. I greeted Mr. Smith at his front door, a Bulwark customer for a little less than a year. As I started to do his treatment he began to follow me around in silence as I sprayed his home with our standard pressure spraying procedure. I assumed he was checking to make sure I did a thorough service. I completed the entryway treatment and de-webbing without a word from the customer. Upon completion of the… Read More

I have good news and bad news…

I was in San Antonio Texas to do my Thursday termite route. I went to a customer’s house at 10 am to do his free termite inspection. I rang his doorbell and proceeded to ID myself as Randy with Bulwark Exterminating and that I was there to do his free termite inspection. He asked me where I was going to start and I told him I would do the outside then come back and do the Interior.  He asked me if I brought a ladder because the home didn’t have a pulldown and that’s where he was hearing a chewing sound coming from. I told him I did indeed have a ladder… Read More