English: Macro shot of Opiliones Harvestmen
English: Macro shot of Opiliones Harvestmen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Harvestmen are more commonly known as “Daddy Long Legs,” and are not true spiders; but are very close relatives. They are dark brown with one body section (about a 1/2 an inch) and have long, thin legs; spanning up to 2 inches. Harvestmen do not bite or sting, they do not possess venom, and they do not create silk.

Very active at night, and often found in large numbers around structures and inside buildings, Harvestmen spiders are active hunters and provide excellent pest control services, to help homeowners eliminate insects, aphids, caterpillars, leafhoppers, beetles, flies, mites, slugs, worms, spiders and other harvestmen.

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