The pseudoscorpion Chelifer cancroides was nam...

Pseudoscorpions (Pseudoscorpionida) are often times confused for baby scorpions; while in fact, they are not scorpions at all! Unlike scorpions, these pseudoscorpions lack a stinger and tail; and have a short, rounded backside. These arachnids are extremely small (about 2mm-8mm in length), flat, and are kind of shaped like a pear. The come in a variety of colors, from black, to dark brown, to a pale yellow or tan.

Aristotle first described pseudoscorpions when he found them crawling through library scrolls. He referred to them as book scorpions, and this name has stuck. It’s actually common to find these arachnids in dusty rooms with books, as they feed on dust mites, book lice, ants, carpet beetles, clothing moths, and other small insects.

Because of how small they are, pseudoscorpions are rarely seen. If you look hard enough, you can sometimes find them in leaf litter and debris, under rocks or tree bark, and in the soil; in addition to the schools, homes, and libraries in which they are also found.

While pseudoscorpions have pinchers, they are not dangerous to humans; as they don’t sting like a traditional scorpion would. They rarely cause serious pest control problems, unless infestations are severe in nature.

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  1. This is an alien for sure, never seen anything like it, it came from the North Star, extreamly heat resistant. This little guy is as deadly as they get. If you see him burn your house down

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