Predaceous Stink Bug

Euthyrhynchus floridanus
Euthyrhynchus floridanus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although some species of stink bug may be considered harmful, many are predaceous and attack over 100 types of insects; especially leaf beetle larvae and caterpillars. A dark blue and orange-colored predatory species is common in Florida.

The predatory stink bug is considered a beneficial insect, mainly because the majority of its natural prey consists of plant-damaging bugs, beetles, and caterpillars. The predaceous stink bug is primarily a neo-tropical species, and is likely to be encountered in the south-eastern quarter; of the United States. Although they are often seen as beneficial, this stink bug seldom plays more than a minor role; in the natural pest control of unwanted garden insects.

The stink bugs which feed on plants, and thus are considered pests, usually have rounded shoulders and long thin mouthparts. In contrast, the species thought to be beneficial insects; have short, stout beaks.

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