Minute Pirate Bug

Percevejo // Minute Pirate Bug (Anthocoris con...

Minute Pirate bugs are common insect predators, discovered in many agricultural crops, pasture land, and surrounding areas; throughout the Western United States. Since this beneficial insect will feed on pollen and plant juices when natural prey are not available, Minute Pirate bugs are also very common where spring and summer flowering shrubs/weeds, are present.

Both Minute Pirate bug nymphs and adults, are a natural exterminator of a variety of small insect prey, including spider mites, insect eggs, aphids, thrips, and small caterpillars. In fact, both immature and adult Minute Pirate bugs, can consume 30 or more spider mites; each day.

When introducing this beneficial insect, homeowners should be aware that the Minute Pirate bug may bite humans. In these rare instances, the Minute Pirate bug bite will result in only temporary irritation.

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