Mealybug Destroyer

Mealybug_DestroyerThe Mealybug Destroyer is often employed as a natural pest control method of controlling all species of mealybugs. As well, this beneficial insect is also known to prey upon aphids and soft scale; when the preferred mealybugs are scarce.

Imported into the United States in 1891 from Australia, the Mealybug Destroyer has proven its usefulness as an effective natural exterminator, and has been credited with the complete control of the citrus mealybug; by the citrus industry in the U.S. State of California. Widespread across the United States, the Mealybug Destroyer is also an important parasite of cockroach eggs.

Considering that a single Mealybug Destroyer can devour up to 250 mealybug larvae, it is only necessary to release these beneficial insects, at 0.5 per sq. ft. or 2-5 per plant. It is important to note that, often after release the pest problem will appear to worsen, before it improves. This is attributed to the fact that Mealybug Destroyer larvae are similar in appearance to the targeted pests.

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