Kudzu Bugs

(Megacopta cribraria)

One of the most underrated pests in the United States is the kudzu bug, as they can be a severe pest control problem; especially to residential crops. These bugs flock to patches or fields of kudzu or soybeans, feeding on the stems and leaves. They are also known to feed on a variety of beans and legumes. This behavior is known to cause millions of dollars in damage to valuable crops.

Kudzu bugs take over the crops about July, and will stay feeding until late September or early October. It’s about this time that they will start to move, and residents will begin seeing them on their homes and cars. Kudzu bugs are drawn to light colored objects or surfaces, like the siding on your house or your white car. They start infesting by burrowing underneath siding, crawling through gaps in your AC unit, and coming into your home through the cracks and crevices that occur around your doors and windows.

Traditional pest control methods, like spraying pesticides, will do little to combat serious kudzu bug infestations. A homeowner battling these pests is better off taking preventative measures, like sealing gaps and openings. A popular way to combat these bugs is to suck them up with a shop-vac filled with soapy water. Don’t bother smashing them, as they will stink and stain.

Kudzu bugs are an olive green in color with brown speckles, oblong in shape, and reach lengths of ¼ of an inch. They are very common in the Southern States.


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