Carpet Beetles

A Carpet Beetle (Anthrenus verbasci)
A Carpet Beetle (Anthrenus verbasci) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Carpet beetles are very small, round and patterned in mottled, checkerboard, or wavy lines; with black, white, gray, brown, or orange colors. These insects are often found inside homes, living under carpets and rugs, and in crevices; where hair and dead insects accumulate.

Between late May and early August, mating occurs and eggs are laid. Once hatched, the larvae (also known as a woolly bear), will hide in dark, undisturbed areas and feed on organic material. Furthermore, the Carpet beetle larvae will wander from room to room, quickly causing an extensive home infestation; and damaging household items.

Hungry Carpet beetles will feed on a variety of animal and plant products, and can cause a insect control problem when they damage carpets, furniture, clothing and food supplies. Furthermore, the adult beetle will (often) lay her eggs in air ducts, in closets, under furniture; or under baseboards. In the summer months, the adult Carpet beetle is common in gardens and on outdoor plants, feeding on the pollen and nectar. As well, Carpet beetles have been reported to eat dead insects.

Strong indications of a wide-spread pest control problem, include the presence of damaged household items, molted larval skins in dark areas, and an abundance of adult Carpet beetles; near windows. Thankfully though, home owners can deter an invasion with regular vacuuming, by dry cleaning their clothing, placing naphthalene balls inside closets, and by removing abandoned bird and insect nests; that might be attached to homes and out-buildings.
Identifying Carpet Beetle Insect Control Problems

Signs of a Carpet beetle insect control problem, include damaged items, molted skins in dark areas, and an abundance of adult Carpet beetles; near windows.

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  1. Although I don’t have carpet I think I have carpet beetles. In May had bedbugs and saw a couple c.b ,then came mites on my cats. The reason I came to this conclusion is that EVERYTHING in my apt is getting damaged by the”lint-like” stuff all over ! It shreds clothes, furniture, shoes, even plastic. But I don’t see alive adult carpet beetles. I do see tiny brownish flea-looking/or gnat-like dead bugs ALL OVER esp trapped in dust. I also have mold issues. Could it be a different bug? Definitely sticks to and in all my clothes sometimes like a cocoon or a fuzzy thread with a bump (bug?) at the top or along at spaced intervals. Also find these blowing thru wall-mounted a/c in black slimy water recently. What to do? Impossible to keep apt clean and slumlord not any help.

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