Thief Ant

Solenopsis molesta
Solenopsis molesta (Photo credit: myrmecophile77)

Thief Ant

Being, sly and sneaky should be easy as an ant, but thief ants are definitely the best of their kind. Thief ants are extremely small, measuring about 1.5-2.2 millimeters with a yellowish-brown color. These critters get their name from their stealthy “kid-napping” like behavior. Thief ants will steal the larvae of other species of ants and of other insects to feed on. They will also steal food form other nests.

These ants are so small that they can infiltrate packaged human foods. This can transmit pathogens, and be a real a danger. Thief ants are also known as sugar ants and grease ants. These ants will feed on greasy foods, and things like nuts, meats, cheese, peanut butter, and sweets.

A typical thief ant colony is relatively small. These colonies will have a few hundred workers and a few queens. They will make their nests outdoors in soil, under rocks, or in decaying wood. They will also make a trail connecting their nest and their food source.

English: Head view of ant Solenopsis molesta s...
English: Head view of ant Solenopsis molesta specimen casent0106027. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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