Carpenter Ant

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The Carpenter Ant

Often times confused for a termite, Carpenter ants (Camponotus vicinus), build their nests in wood. Wood piles, tree stumps, home structures, and dead or rotten trees are where Carpenter ants are most frequently found. Unlike termites, Carpenter ants do not eat the wood in which they are nesting. They simply burrow through it, and transfer the wood dust outside their nest. When you see this wood dust around your home or property, there’s a good chance there is a Carpenter ant nest nearby.

Carpenter ants are black with a red thorax. They have a circular ring of near microscopic hairs that go around the thorax. These ants can bite, but they do not sting. They will range in size from ½ inch to ¼ inch. Carpenter ants eat a lot of the same food we do; sweets, anything greasy, fruit, and miscellaneous food crumbs. Most of this ant’s food foraging occurs during the night.

Carpenter ants build satellite nests around food and water sources. It’s from these satellite nests, that the Carpenter ants usually enter homes. If you are a homeowner who is having a difficult time controlling Carpenter ants, take a few preventative measures. Remove dead, rotten, or unused wood from off of your property. If there are any cracks in wood you’d like to keep, like patio furniture for example, seal up those cracks. Do your best to remove the Carpenter ant’s food and water sources from around your property. If these preventative measures do not work, professional ant control measures need to be taken.


Wood damage by C. herculeanus
Wood damage by Carpenter Ant (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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