Argentine Ant

argentine ant
Argentine ant (Photo credit: Pedro Moura Pinheiro)

Argentine ants are common property pests, nesting in moist areas. Nests can be found under rocks or wood piles, beneath vegetation or debris, and along sidewalks and concrete walls. Argentine ants will also nest indoors. They are commonly found in much of the Southeastern United States; and also in parts of California, Oregon, and Washington.

Argentine ants can grow to lengths of approximately 1/8 of an inch. They are a shiny light-brown in color, with some ants appearing almost gray. Argentine ant colonies can be huge, with tens of thousands of worker ants and multiple queens. In addition, colonies can merge, becoming one massive super-colony that can extend over several residential properties. Argentine ants are very aggressive, forcefully driving out other species of ants.

Argentine ants are strongly attracted to sweet, sugary substances. These ant pests will commonly feed off of the nectar, that scales and aphids provide them, in exchange for protecting their livestock; from natural predators. One of the most effective ant control approaches to exterminating the Argentine worker ants and queens is to actively bait this pest with poison; concealed in sugar. Once the Argentine ants have returned the bait to the nest, the remaining colony will soon die off.

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