White-Footed Ant

White-Footed Ant

White-Footed Ant
White-Footed Ant (Source: antwiki.org)

White-footed ants are ants commonly found in southern Florida, but have also been found in South Carolina, Louisiana, Hawaii and California. These ants are extremely small and have an easy time sneaking into homes and other unwanted places. They measure a small 1/8 of an inch and do not sting. They have a one segmented waist and are a brown or blackish color, with pale, yellowish feet, which is where they get their name from.

White-footed ants form huge colonies with multiple queens and hundreds of thousands of workers. In the colony there are inter-castes, which are ants that can both reproduce and help build the nest. These types of ants make up about half of a white-footed ant colony.

White-footed ants reproduce by swarming or budding. In swarming, winged females will emerge in the spring and mate with a male in the colony. This female ant then moves on to establish her own colony. In her colony she can be easily replaced by an inter-caste worker. In budding, a fertile female ant will simply pack up, take some workers with her, and start her own colony.

Serious White-Footed ant infestations require professional ant control methods to eliminate them from a property.

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